AKC Champion Certificates

What is an AKC Champion Title?

An AKC Champion title is a title awarded to a purebred Biewer Terrier by the American Kennel Club (AKC) after it has won a certain number of points and major wins in AKC-sanctioned conformation dog shows.

In order to become a Champion, a dog must first be registered with the AKC and meet the breed’s requirements. The dog then competes in conformation shows where it is judged on how closely it conforms to the breed’s standard. The Champion title is awarded to a dog that has earned a total of 15 points, with at least two “major” wins, earned under different judges.

Points are awarded based on the number of dogs the dog defeats in its breed or variety, as well as the number of dogs it defeats in the group and Best in Show competitions. A “major” win is awarded when the dog defeats a certain number of other dogs of its breed or variety in a single show, depending on the size of the entry.



Why are AKC Champion titles important to ethical breeders?

AKC Champion titles are important to ethical breeders for a few reasons:

  1. Demonstrates the quality of the breeding stock: An AKC Champion title indicates that the dog has been judged to meet the breed standard and is a good representation of the breed. This is important to ethical breeders who are striving to produce high-quality, healthy dogs that conform to the breed standard.
  2. Helps ensure the preservation of the breed: By producing Champion dogs, ethical breeders are contributing to the preservation of the breed and helping to ensure that the breed remains true to its original form and purpose.
  3. Increases the value of the breeder’s dogs: An AKC Champion title can increase the value of a breeder’s dogs, as it indicates that the dog is of high quality and has been recognized as such by judges in the show ring.
  4. Helps the breeder make informed breeding decisions: Ethical breeders use the information gathered from dog shows to make informed breeding decisions. By studying the pedigrees and performance records of Champion dogs, breeders can select breeding partners that will produce offspring with desirable traits and avoid breeding dogs with undesirable traits.

Overall, AKC Champion titles are an important tool for ethical breeders to maintain the integrity of the breed, produce high-quality dogs, and make informed breeding decisions.

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