RMBTC 2019 Q2 President’s Letter

Here we are welcoming spring after a blustery and challenging winter. Many of our members were affected by blizzards, record snow levels, flooding, and storms. It seems like Mother Nature had it in for us, but then the flowers start to grow and bloom and her beauty surrounds us once again bringing hope and renewal of spirit.
I am happy to report that this has been an exciting time for Biewer Terriers and RMBTC! There are three major projects we have been working on, two of them bringing us hope: a change in the AKC registration policy for foreign born Biewers, and a Research Partnership Agreement with Embark Vet; and the third, the upcoming reunion of Gertrud and Werner Biewer to lift our spirits and right a wrong.

After much effort on the part of dedicated Biewer owners and breeders, and a petition started by Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers and signed by over 1100 Biewer owners, the AKC changed its registration policy for registering many foreign-born Biewer Terriers. As of January 2019 they may now be directly registered with AKC without having to go through another registry. This is great news for the Biewer Terrier breed in America! There is an article in this issue of the Barker with the details of this wonderful development.

And the good news keeps coming! In February 2019, the RMBTC and Embark Veterinary entered into a partnership agreement to research and identify emerging and previously unassociated genetic disorders, discover the causal mutations of known genetic disease concerns, and provide comprehensive DNA test results for individual Biewers. The purpose is to enhance the genetic health of the Biewer Terrier. Embark Veterinary is the world leader in dog genetics, are partnered with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, and offers the most accurate test on the market. Their DNA testing looks at 200 thousand genetic markers, more than 170 known genetic conditions, and over 20 trait tests to provide comprehensive DNA Test results, including disease and trait screening, for each dog submitting a sample. We share a common goal: Ending preventable genetic diseases in Biewer Terriers. If you have not submitted your dog’s DNA sample (it’s a simple cheek swab you do at home), contact the RMBTC Store and purchase your kit. Being informed of your dog’s predisposition for certain conditions or genetic diseases is the best way to prevent them or be prepared to treat them if they should occur. That’s a whole lot of knowledge about your dog’s DNA while you assist in building a Biewer database to support the future of the breed as a whole!

RMBTC has been working diligently to raise the funds to bring Gertrud and Werner Biewer back together. The Biewer’s niece, Moni Claudy, has received a letter from the Mayor permitting her to have her aunt’s urn exhumed and reinterned in her uncle’s grave 20 miles away. The move is to take place this spring after the ground thaws and dries. There is an article about the Biewer reunion in this issue of the Barker.

And the most exciting news of all … The Second Annual RMBTC Event will be held June 26-30, 2019! The motel headquarters will be in Cortez, CO with many activities taking place at Mancos State Park in Mancos, CO. We have rented space in the park, which is near the motel and RV park. Thank you to our Event Committee for finding us this awesome venue! There is more information about the event and a general agenda in this issue.

I feel honored and blessed to be both a member and the President of this wonderful Club. Our members are the most kind, supportive, and caring people anywhere! And we all agree …

Life is just better with a Biewer!

Karen Hansen

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