Interview with the Niece & Goddaughter of Werner & Gertrud Biewer

Interview with the Niece of Werner & Gertrud Biewer

Interview with the Niece & Goddaughter of Werner & Gertrud Biewer in Germany – 12/22/2018 – Part 1 This audio file has been listed to  times since 12/22/2018 Please click the play button [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”73″ gal_title=”Old Biewer Pictures from Germany”]

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Biewer Terrier Training Tips

Come Here! – Biewer Training Tips

by Faith Beam Coming when called is one of the most important training lessons your Biewer will ever learn. The goal is to have your dog come to you every time, on one command. Before you begin, discard any contaminated command word. If you have been telling your dog to […]

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Raw Food

Selecting the right Food for Your Biewer Terrier

Nutritional Considerations When Selecting a Diet for Your Biewer by Barbara Sherman Like any parenting decision, what we feed our Biewers is a very personal choice based on many considerations including work schedule, lifestyle, veterinarian recommendations, and budget.  When we know better, we do better.  To help Biewer parents become […]

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Rocky Mountain's Miss-Brooke Biewer Terrier AKC Urban Community Canine Title Certificate

Biewer Terriers and the AKC Training Programs and Certificates

The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program is the gold standard of behavior for dogs in our communities. As you work with your Biewer Terrier to teach the CGC skills, you’ll find out about the many benefits and joys of training. You’ll enhance your bond with your Biewer, and dogs with […]

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Another Change to Biewer Terrier Registration Policy

The Biewer Terrier is setting a precedent as the first breed accepted into the AKC FSS through DNA science and not historical pedigree data. There is currently an agreement between the FCI and the AKC which applies to all breeds in both organizations and covers mutual recognition of registered pedigrees. […]

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