Litters & Nursery

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Litters & Nursery

Here are our new born AKC Biewer Terrier Puppies. Please contact us if you want to find out more about our available Biewer Terrier Puppies. You are welcome to watch our cutest Biewer Puppies on Youtube to see them in motion ūüôā

Z-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Diamond (SOLD)

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers Z-Litter

DOB: 12/25/2016





W-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Nancy (SOLD)



V-Litter Sir Denver & Ms Dominique (Available)

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers V-Litter

DOB: November 28, 2016



U-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Mira (SOLD)

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers U-Litter

DOB: 11/25/2016





T-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Alexa (SOLD)

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers T-Litter

DOB: 11/24/2016



S-Litter Sir Denver & Ms Uma (Available)

Miss Selena Chocolate Biewer Terrier Girl

DOB: November 23, 2016



R-Litter Sir Matt & Ms Soda (AVAILABLE)

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers R-Litter

DOB: November 23, 2016





Q-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Mirabel (AVAILABLE)



P-Litter Sir Matt & Ms Uta (SOLD)

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers P-Litter

DOB: 11/22/2016



O-Litter Sir Bobby & Ms Gypsy (SOLD)

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers O-Litter

DOB: 11/21/2016


N-Litter Sir Bobby & Ms Rosi (SOLD)


M-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Charlotte (SOLD)

Miss Marley and the M-Litter

DOB: November 15, 2016


L-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Tasha (SOLD)

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers L-Litter

DOB: October 2, 2016


K-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Tonia (SOLD)

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers K-Litter

DOB: September 28, 2016


J-Litter Sir Denver & Ms Yanna (SOLD)

Chocolate Biewer J-Litter

DOB: September 19, 2016


I-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Ellie (SOLD)

Rocky Mountain's I-Litter just born

DOB: September 4, 2016





H-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Tara (AVAILABLE)

Rocky Mountain's H-Litter 2 Weeks old

DOB: August 26, 2016



G-Litter Sir Denver & Ms Maggie (SOLD)


DOB: August 21, 2016



F-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Mercedes (SOLD)

Rocky Mountain's Sir Frank

DOB: August 13, 2016





E-Litter Sir Denver & Ms Coco (SOLD)

Rocky Mountain's E-Litter

DOB: June 26, 2016




D-Litter Sir Denver & Ms Zara (SOLD)

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers D-Litter

DOB: June 19, 2016



C-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Destiny (SOLD)

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers C-Litter DOB: May 14, 2016

DOB: May 14, 2016


B-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Gypsy (SOLD)

DOB: May 9, 2016

DOB: May 9, 2016

A-Litter Sir Durango & Ms Soda (SOLD)

DOB: May 4, 2016

DOB: May 4, 2016