AKC Biewer Registration Policy Changed – BTRA & MARS Tests dropped for Imports

“The AKC Registration Department will accept dogs registered from any country that AKC has a reciprocal relationship for enrollment of the Biewer Terrier into the AKC Foundation Stock Service. It is no longer limited to only dogs with BTRA registration,” e-mailed Mari-Beth O’Neill, AKC VP Sport Services.
This two sentence e-mail dated January 9, 2019, opens a whole new chapter in the development of the Biewer Terrier breed in the United States.

email from AKC Registration FSS

This exciting change came about as a result of a petition started by Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers in early 2018 that was signed by more than 1100 Biewer Terrier owners. The Biewer Terrier Club of America (BTCA) and corresponding Biewer Terrier Registry of America (BTRA) required any Biewer Terrier not born of AKC registered parents to be registered with the BTRA first. And that registration required a Mars Wisdom Panel DNA test for breed purity. Even though, the test manufacturer reported that this test was not designed or intended to determine or prove that a dog is a purebred. Many outstanding specimens of the breed were denied registration based on the results of this test and thereby excluded from the gene pool. And diversity is the life-blood and future of every breed.

We are appreciative and grateful to the AKC for realizing this and changing their policy to allow more of these valuable and genetically diverse dogs to be registered with them. AKC has long recognized the pedigrees of any Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) registry that meets their requirements and has registered other FSS breeds without additional genetic testing. Biewer Terriers are now able to be directly registered with the AKC and that is a win-win for the future of our Biewers!

AKC Registration Form: https://images.akc.org/pdf/ADFSS1.pdf
AKC Accepted Registries: https://www.akc.org/rules/special-registry-services/

(A full article about this policy change will be in the 2019 Spring Edition of the Biewer Town Barker.)

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