Buy a Biewer Puppy Online – How does it work?

Buying a Biewer Puppy Online – How does it work?

Update: This information is outdated. 

Buying a Biewer puppy is a big step and should be considered carefully. Once you have made the decision to purchase your Biewer puppy, there are many questions that you may have. Below is a list of steps and information to help you through the process.

I have decided, what do I do next?

All of the Biewer puppies we have sale can be located on our website here.

Each Biewer puppy is listed with a deposit button. A deposit is required for to reserve your Biewer puppy.  All deposits are nonrefundable. Why are deposits nonrefundable? We spend many hours and have costs with your Biewer puppy to get them listed on our website and to advertise them through various platforms. We also begin working right away to schedule a Veterinarian appointment, scheduling flights with United Airlines Pet Safe program, and preparing for your new Biewer puppy to be sent to you. The deposit is your commitment to purchase your Biewer puppy and insures a smooth transaction.

Look for e-mails.

Shortly after the deposit is paid, we begin the next process. This involves a purchase contract, scheduling flights with United Airlines Pet Safe program, and scheduling a Veterinarian appointment. We will notify you of each of these events by e-mail so you can stay up to date. The purchase contract is an electronic document and can be signed from your phone/tablet/computer.

Our Veterinarian
Dolores Animal Hospital
Dr. Kris Muscari

You are welcome to contact our veterinarian if you would like.

Why we use United Airlines PetSafe 

We use United Airlines PetSafe program because it is ranked as the safest way to send your new Biewer puppy in the United States. PetSafe has a dedicated 24 hour team available to monitor your Biewer puppy and to answer any of your questions. Your Biewer puppy will be in a temperature controlled environment along its entire journey. Your Biewer puppy is the last thing loaded onto the airplane and the very first thing to be unloaded at the airport destination. At all major airport hubs, there are dedicated animal facilities that will monitor your Biewer puppy during layovers and will take care of your Biewer puppy as if it was theirs. In the event of flight cancellations or other events, United Airlines PetSafe will send your Biewer puppy to an overnight facility where they are monitored by Veterinarians and trained dedicated staff, exercised, feed, and given any additional care required. They would then be placed on the next available flight to your destination. We have experienced a 100% success rate using United Airlines PetSafe program without ever encountering an issue. We highly recommend using them over other alternative transportation methods, such as, a lap nanny.

United Airlines PetSafe Pickup Locations


About your Biewer Puppy

We feed our puppies Royal Canin. It starts with “Mini-Starter” kibbles. As your Biewer puppy matures (4-6 months of age), we use “Mini-Puppy” kibbles. We will send food with your Biewer puppy so you have to time to acquire more or to mix with a new food for a better adjustment.


Your Biewer puppy is up to date on all vaccinations, AKC micro chipped and we will provide them to you via e-mail and/or by hard copy with USPS.

Preparing for your Biewer puppy’s arrival.

It is important to know that your puppy will be stressed during traveling. Wether this is by you picking up your puppy from us, or from flying with United Airlines PetSafe, you need to understand how to best acclimate your new Biewer puppy to you and your home.

The best way we have experienced this adjustment period is to confine your Biewer puppy to a limited space. This way they will get to know the new scents, noisy, energy, and routine of their new home. They also get more time to learn you and you get to know them instead of running throughout your home and checking out all the new things. It will reduce stress for them, and if using a potty pad help keep that working by knowing where it is. Another important reason is that you can monitor their eating and drinking. Your Biewer puppy is used to having competition with its litter mates. Without competition and being overwhelmed, your Biewer puppy might forget to eat. We encourage you to make them eat first thing after arriving home. If they do not eat after several hours, you can try with a small amount of cooked Chicken to encourage better eating.

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