2022 RMBTC Volunteers

The Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Club will elect its new board members this year. You are a current member of the RMBTC and we would like to give you the opportunity to volunteer for one of the upcoming positions. If you are interested in a board position, please sign-up to volunteer for the available position(s) no later than March 18, 2022, by 12 PM MST. The election will take place on Wednesday, March 23, 2022. Please look for a link to your ballot in your email account on March 23, 2022.

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These are the roles/board position descriptions to date:

President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Board, shall have
duties and powers normally appurtenant to the office of President, in addition to those specified
by these bylaws. The President shall provide an annual “State of the Club” summary to the

Vice President: The Vice President shall have the duties and exercise the power of the President
in case of the President’s death, absence, or incapacity. In the event, there is more than one Vice
President, a simple majority vote of the Board will decide which Vice President will fulfill the
balance of the President’s term. The Vice President also carries the duties of the Membership
Chair position.

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Board and Membership and
of all matters of which a record shall be ordered by the Club. He/she shall have charge of the
correspondence, notify members of meetings, notify officers and directors of their election to
office, and carry out other duties as are prescribed in these by-laws. The Secretary shall keep a
record of all meeting attendees by name.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall collect and account for all monies due and belonging to the Club.
All monies received shall be deposited in a bank satisfactory to the Board in the name of the
Club. A PayPal account in the name of the Club is acceptable for receipt of income and
disbursement of expenses. The Treasurer shall maintain a record of all dues-paying Members
and shall maintain an up-to-date roster of all Members of the Club along with their contact