Available Russian Salon Dog Puppies

Not too many dog lovers are yet familiar with this interesting new toy breed. The Russian Salon Dog is one of the newest breeds, created in Russia. The Russian Salon Dog is a toy breed dog with a long coat in warm golden color shades. This dog is a great friend for the family, a companion, and a fun and playful friend for children.
The Russian Salon Dog Fanciers shortened the breed name to a beautiful abbreviation “Rusalka”, according to the first and last syllables of the breed name in Russian – RUsskaya SALonnaya sobaKA. The word “RUSALKA” means “Mermaid” in Russian and is also associated with fine Russian blond hair color which resembles the Russian Salon Dog’s coat color.

What does a Russian Salon Dog look like? It’s a toy breed dog with a shoulder height from 8 to 11 inches and a weight from 4 to 8 lb. The Russian Salon Dogs have a beautiful and distinctive coat color that ranges from vibrant sable, sometimes with black tips, over orange and golden shades to almost cream white. The Russian Salon Dogs can have a dark muzzle or white markings on their coat.

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