Age: 5 years
Sex: Female
Color: Chocolate / White / Gold
Weight: 7 lb


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Due to the high demand for our adults, we found a waiting list to be the best option. The $250 deposit secures you a spot on the list and also counts as the first payment towards your Biewer Terrier Adult.
You will be contacted via text message with photos in order, the deposit was received.  We will send you photos of available adults that got their pictures taken and you can either pick one or wait for the next one that becomes available.

As stated in the individual descriptions, some of these ladies are still nursing their last litter of puppies and will then get spayed once the puppies are weaned. We will also have their teeth cleaned if needed.  This is not a fast process. At this time we can only get 1 spay appointment each week. We are hoping to get 2 appointments a week soon.

In order to sort through the many requests, I would like to start a waiting list for adults and request a $250 deposit. This will help us to see who is committed to adopting one of our girls and also willing to wait patiently. 

We would like to make sure the girls will recover with no complications from their spay surgery. Since toy breeds are known for dental issues, they will have loose teeth that will be pulled during the dental, and we will only be able to give you an insight into their dental condition after the dental has been done. Our adults are not leash trained. Our property is fenced and we have several doggy playgrounds where all dogs roam and play free. Our Biewers know how to use the doggy doors and do not wear collars or harnesses. They use washable potty pads during bad weather or go outside through the doggy doors. Some girls do better and some girls do not but owners of previously placed adults have reported that potty training went well. Most of the available ladies are not used to going on car rides. Some know the show RV if they traveled to dog shows with us but most of them have not been on car rides. Our vet comes to the house once a week and there is no need for the dogs to travel. All adults come in a puppy cut unless stated otherwise. It will take about 1-2 weeks to adjust a retired adult dog to your home. To send a deposit for the Adult Waiting List, please go here.
If we were not able to place an adult with you within the next 6 months, we will refund your deposit.

Diamond is nursing her last litter of puppies until around January 30th, 2021. She will get spayed and have her teeth cleaned once her puppies are weaned.

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