Knotless Hair Wrap 5′ Roll


Used by groomers and owners for show dogs, horses, and family pets, the Knotless Hair Wrap is painless and easy to use. The Knotless Hair Wrap keeps your Biewer Terriers’ hair from flopping in their eyes while they play and eat, without causing pain, hair loss and damage.



If you are right-handed wrap counterclockwise and if you are left-handed wrap clockwise.
Hold the hair with your left hand between the thumb and your index finger. Place the Knotless Hair Wrap under your thumb facing you. Take it counterclockwise to the back side of the topknot. When you get to the back side of the topknot, take your middle finger and grab the Knotless Hair Wrap to help you to push it around to the front side of the topknot it connected to the starting into the Knotless Hair Wrap. Once you have the wrap connected if you need to let go of the wrap or the hair you can.

On the second time around you need to start stretching the Knotless Hair Wrap as you go around. Stretching it is what makes the wrap tight. After you get the second loop around at this point you can test to see if you’re getting the wrap tight. Give it a tug up to see if it moves for you. If it does move, pull and stretch the wrap tighter.

Before you secure the wrap, you need to check to see if it is tight. If it is not tight and unwrap it a little so you can pull and stretch the wrap tighter. Now that you have the wrap done and it is not moving for you, you need to squeeze the wrap together hard to make a good bond.