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Due to the high demand for our adults, we found a waiting list to be the best option. The $250 deposit secures you a spot on the list and also counts as the first payment toward your Biewer Terrier Adult.
You will be contacted via text message with photos in order, the deposit was received.  We will send you photos of available adults that got their pictures taken and you can either pick one or wait for the next one that becomes available.


Due to the high demand for our adults, we found a waiting list to be the best option. The $250 deposit secures you a spot on the list and also counts as the first payment towards your Biewer Terrier Adult.
You will be contacted via text message with photos in order, the deposit was received.  We will send you photos of available adults that got their pictures taken and you can either pick one or wait for the next one that becomes available.

As stated in the individual descriptions, some of these ladies are still nursing their last litter of puppies and will then get spayed once the puppies are weaned. We will also have their teeth cleaned if needed.  This is not a fast process. At this time we can only get 1 spay appointment each week. We are hoping to get 2 appointments a week soon.

In order to sort through the many requests, I would like to start a waiting list for adults and request a $250 deposit. This will help us to see who is committed to adopting one of our girls and also willing to wait patiently. 

We would like to make sure the girls will recover with no complications from their spay surgery. Since toy breeds are known for dental issues, they will have loose teeth that will be pulled during the dental, and we will only be able to give you an insight into their dental condition after the dental has been done. Our adults are not leash trained. Our property is fenced and we have several doggy playgrounds where all dogs roam and play free. Our Biewers know how to use the doggy doors and do not wear collars or harnesses. They use washable potty pads during bad weather or go outside through the doggy doors. Some girls do better and some girls do not but owners of previously placed adults have reported that potty training went well. Most of the available ladies are not used to going on car rides. Some know the show RV if they traveled to dog shows with us but most of them have not been on car rides. Our vet comes to the house once a week and there is no need for the dogs to travel. All adults come in a puppy cut unless stated otherwise. It will take about 1-2 weeks to adjust a retired adult dog to your home. If we were not able to place an adult with you within the next 6 months, we will refund your deposit.

Deposit DateGenderNameStateInfo
12/18/2023Susan T.AL
12/18/2023Debra B.TX
12/18/2023Jesse D.COSammy?
12/15/2023Jillian B.FL
12/29/2023Abegail B.FL
12/31/2023Linda A.COSally
1/10/2023Beth D.VA
1/11/2023Pamela H.FL
1/27/2023Kristie R.CO
1/28/2023Tiffany L.TX
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  • Joyce Rime

    Adopting our girls from Rocky Mountain Biewers was great from beginning to end. We are absolutely in love with them. We highly recommend this breeder. Couldn’t be happier!

    May 3, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Joan Aeschbach

    I would like to highly recommend Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. In January I was blessed to get a retired female from Karen. The care they give to these dogs/puppies is amazing they are all raised in a beautiful lodge home. The arrangements were made to accommodate my being in Florida and they are located in Colorado it was so enjoyable to meet my little girl at the Orlando airport. We have a Facebook group where everyone shares their experiences, pictures, videos, and cute stories of this incredible breed from Germany. You will not regret getting a puppy from RMBT, check out their FB page it will give you all of the details.

    April 21, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Tina Romero

    Karen and her team at RMBT have quite simply built the most incredible organization with impeccable service and communication. My first pup, Ryder (Sir Nemo) came home with such a good temperament and lots of love. Not to mention, these babies are just absolutely precious! My family picked up our second baby Bodie (Sir Toby) not long after. Our family is truly blessed. Karen’s dedication to providing an open line of communication, endless resources (including flight delivery!), and message boards where we can stay in contact with other families is a tremendous perk along with countless others. I have been so pleased and overjoyed with each experience. Who knows, there may be a third baby in the future! Thank you RMBT!

    April 21, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Carol

    Sadie came to us just after Thanksgiving three years ago! We have been thankful for her ever since! She likes to snuggle all the time. She loves to go for walks and has developed a nose for finding all our neighbors’ cats that like to hang out in our yard! She’s a great companion to us and people love her when they visit!

    January 24, 2023
  • Connie

    I adopted Brittany in January 2021. She will be 3 in December. I am so in love with her. I wanted a lap dog after my Yorkie died at 14, but what I got was a spunky farm dog. She can’t go outside by herself because she likes to chase hawks and crows while they fly over. I wouldn’t let her out alone anyway. They need to be protected. She is such a friendly and happy dog. I am so blessed to have her!

    November 3, 2022
  • Linda

    Adopted “mama” Bella 2 yrs ago when she was 2 or 3 and she is doing amazing! Very much a lap dog!

    October 24, 2022
  • Sara

    We have two. Lizard adopted us last year in April and Chester found us this summer. Oh my gosh how we love them. Both are 3 years old and bring such joy and laughter to our world. We have to spell c-a-m-p-i-n-g or it’s on. They go everywhere with us. I would let more adopt us but these guys own our hearts for sure.

    July 19, 2022
  • Teri Ann

    We have Buffy and Sissy; 6-year-old litter mates that we brought home from Colorado in 2020 5 months apart. They joined our 14 yr old Maltese and all get along well.
    Both girls adapted well- potty training was quick, no issues with spaying, leash training took a while though. They are healthy and happy littles. Both are very social and still intrigued by the tv- especially football and dogs. Sissy (ponytail) is sassy- a great walking partner. Buffy is quieter and just wants to be where I am.
    They love to be brushed and cuddled 💕

    April 4, 2022
  • Laura

    Izabella (aka Lady Soda) RMBT and before that her name was (Krasotka) from Volgograd, Russia! She is such a sweetheart!!! We love her so much and are very grateful to have her!!! It would be cool to see the list of her offspring! ❤️❤️❤️

    February 17, 2022
  • Kimberly

    I got Maggie from Karen and Jared in December of 2020. She just turned 6 in September and is a total boss lady (which I love 😂). I have raised many animals through the years but none have anchored themselves in my heart like her. Love my little Mags 💕 💕

    January 16, 2022
  • Bill

    Tony has been with us for one year on Halloween. He’s an amazing little dog who makes us very happy.

    January 5, 2022
  • Olga

    We visited Karen and Jarod June of 2019 and adopted 2 sweet boys. Harley was 3yrs old and Gizmo AKA Gary 2. They are the love of our lives! Both boys are sweet, cuddly, happy and Healthy. They both weigh 4lbs 8oz and are the cutest boys ever. Gizmo is our hunter boy always watching for elk or squirrels. Harley is more of a couch potato and also my velcro dog, follows me everywhere…we also adopted a sweet puppy from RMBT in 2020, Paco our funny, lovable big guy. He is full of energy and life. We love these guys so very much, thank you Karen and Jarod.

    January 4, 2022
  • Tustin

    I got Gigi two years ago when she was 3 years old. I can’t imagine life without her. She’s pretty, sweet, and very loving. She makes me smile every time I look at her. 😍

    September 11, 2021

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The best way to contact us is via Text Message. You can text us at (970)882-3299 and we will try to answer you within just a few hours.

Our office voice mail is usually full every morning at 9 AM. Calling our office or emailing is not the best option. We are a family and do not have a team of customer service representatives to forward possible questions. We spend most of the day with our dogs and the puppies and are not able to stay near the phone to answer calls or sit in the office to answer emails.

Other ways to get in touch with us:

We have a Facebook Group called “Friends of Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers
The group is for all our Puppy Parents and their families. You can meet with littermate families or ask questions and get advice about anything Biewer-related.
Food, Grooming, Fashion, Puppy Strollers, Cameras, Treats, Veterinarians, Spay & Neuter, Toys, Beds, Recipes, Traveling, and more. You are welcome to visit the group and learn more about us and our puppies.
Once you put down a deposit for your future puppy, you can join the group and stay updated about your pup’s progress, videos, vet visits, weight updates, etc.

We also have a Facebook Page but since “animal sales” are now banned on Facebook, we are not updating the page very frequently.

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Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers are located at the San Juan National Forest near the beautiful little town of Dolores in Colorado.
You can fly into the Durango (DRO) or the Cortez (CEZ) Airport.

Biewer Terrier

Location Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers


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Biewer Terriers have a coat that is generally considered to be hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic breeds are breeds that are less likely to produce allergens, which are substances that can cause allergic reactions in people. While no dog is completely hypoallergenic, the Biewer Terrier is a good choice for people with allergies because they have a low-shedding coat and produce fewer allergens than some other breeds.

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