Original Snuggle Puppy® with Heartbeat & Heat Pack


Before your puppy leaves our home, it has been sleeping snuggled up with its littermates. It can be very challenging to train your new puppy to sleep by itself. Snuggle Puppy® is a small stuffed toy dog with a real heartbeat sound and a warming heat pack inside. We use it here at RMBT with our newborn litters from day one. Sometimes mother dogs need to get bathed, vet checked or taken outside for potty breaks so the Snuggle Puppy® keeps the babies content until mom can come back into the puppy nest.

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Snuggle Puppy® also helps with:

  • Nervousness when moving to a new home.
  • Whining and barking when crate training.
  • Distress from fireworks and thunderstorms.
  • Separation anxiety when your pet needs to be left alone.
  • Any time your pet needs a little help relaxing.
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Click here to listen: Is there a Biewer Puppy shopping list?

We created an Amazon shopping list with the basic items that we recommend to have purchased before your puppy comes home to you. The shopping list includes items that your puppy has been using here at Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. It will make the transition to your home much easier if you purchase the same items for your new puppy, at least for the first few weeks. The shopping list includes the Donut Cuddler Bed, which has been the #1 rated bed for our Biewer puppies. Many of our puppy parents purchased the bed on Amazon and posted adorable pictures of stories on the Puppy Group on Facebook.

The washable potty pads we use here at RMBT, are also on the list. The puppies are familiar with these pads since they were born in the whelping box. The puppies were trained by their mothers to use them. You can wash these pads in your washing machine. Very important are also the small grooming brushes, the face comb, and the nail trimmer. Your puppy needs a daily brushing so it doesn’t get knots and mats in its hair. There are different dog foods that you will need to prepare the perfect kibble mix for your pup as well as a puppy supplement, food plates, a pet carrier for travel and vet visits, and other important items.
The Amazon Button below will take you to the basic item list. You can review the shopping list and add the products to your cart on Amazon.


Biewer Puppy Shopping List

Biewer Puppy Shopping List

Amazon Puppy Shopping List

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