Chocolate Biewer Terrier Biro Ms Emma

Chocolate Biewer Puppies born ?

Sir Denver & Ms Coco had 2 chocolate Biewer Terrier Puppies today. 1 Boy Sir Ethan and 1 Girl Ms Emma. Ms Coco is a first time mom but she did great and both her puppies were born within 3 hours and they are fat and healthy.
All Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers are pure bred Biewer Terriers and have passed the MARS Wisdom Panel 3.0 breed test. Sir Denver & Ms Charlotte are the world’s first registered chocolate colored Biewer Terriers. The AKC registration requires a BTRA registration, which requires a MARS Wisdom Panel breed test, DNA profile, and coat color test. You can read about the AKC registration process for the Biewer Terrier here.


Chocolate Biewer Terrier Girl Ms Emma
Chocolate Biewer Terrier Biro Sir Ethan

Chocolate Biewer Terrier Boy Sir Ethan


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