The AKC Biewer Terrier Standard

AKC Biewer Terrier Standard AKC Biewer Terrier Standard

General Appearance—The Biewer Terrier is an elegant, longhaired, tri colored toy terrier with the hair parting down the middle and hanging straight and evenly on both sides of the body. The back is level, with height at the shoulders being equal to height at the rump. Although the outline of the dog gives the appearance of a square, the body length can be equal to or slightly longer than the overall height. The tail is set high and carried well arched over the body, covered with a long luxurious plume. The Biewer Terrier has a lighthearted whimsical, childlike attitude. Although mischievous at times, they are obedient and make a loyal companion.

Size, Proportion, Substance: SizeHeight at the withers is the same as the height at the croup, measuring 7 to 11 inches, 4 to 8 lbs. ProportionLength of body from pro-sternum to ischium is longer than over all height, making the dog off square although square is acceptable. SubstanceBody is fine to medium boned with a level top line.

HeadExpression- Is more human than that of a dog, being bright and intelligent. Eyes- Are medium sized and may be round or almond shaped with a crisp, clear countenance. Iris and rims are dark in color. Ears- Are small, V shaped upright, moderately wide set and covered with hair except the tips being shaved. They are set to the back of the skull and the base is level with the eyes. Skull- Slightly rounded. Stop- Moderate.   Muzzle- Just under one-third the length of the head. Nose- Completely black. Lips Black. Bite- Level or scissor bite. Teeth- Straight and even.

Neck, Topline and BodyNeck- Moderate in length, free from throatiness. Topline- Level. Body- Length is equal to or can be slightly longer than the height of the dog. Chest- Comes to the elbows with a good width. Ribs- Moderately sprung. Underline- Slightly tucked up. Back- Level topline. Loin- Well developed and strong. Tail- Set high and carried well arched over the body, covered with a long luxurious plume. Plume may lie to either side of the body. Length of tail must go to the stifles or longer. When reposed, the tail may hang loosely. Faults-Gay or tightly curled tail. Weight- 4 to 8 pounds.

Forequarters— Normal, straight front. Angulation- Moderate.  ElbowStraight when viewed from the front. Legs- Straight, muscular and covered with hair. Pasterns- Up and straight. Dewclaws- May be removed but not required. Feet- Round. Toes- Pads are black and/or flesh. Pads- Black and/or flesh. Nails- Black or white.

HindquartersIn balance with the forequarters.  Angulation- Rear to match front. Legs-Hind legs are straight when viewed from behind, muscular and covered with hair. Stifle-Slightly bent when viewed from the side. Hocks-Straight when viewed from behind, pointing neither in nor out. Dewclaws- May be removed but not required. Feet- Round. Toes- Pads are black and/or flesh. Pads- Black and/or flesh. Nails- Black or white.

Coat Long and flowing with a soft silky texture. Hair is straight, without an undercoat and should be at least ¾ length to the ground. Trimmed to floor length for ease of movement. Head fall is tied up into a single ponytail on top of the head with a purple bow. Feet are trimmed for a neat, clean appearance. Trim around anus.

Color—Body Coloring- Hair on back is blue or black and white. Amounts of each color are of personal preference with no dominating patterns. Chest, Stomach, Legs and Tip of the Tail- White. The white from the chest should come up the neck to cover the chin. Head Coloring- May be any of the following combinations-(Blue or Black, White and Gold or Tan); (Blue or Black and Gold or Tan); (Gold or Tan and White) in good symmetry.   A small amount of tan hair may be found around the anus. Disqualification- any color combinations other than what is listed in standard.

Gait—The Biewer Terrier moves with confidence and pride. Movement should be graceful, smooth and straightforward. Hind legs should track in line with the front legs, going neither inside nor outside. Tail must be up when in movement.

Temperament— Intelligent, loyal and very devoted to their human family. They have a fun loving, childlike attitude that makes them a great companion for all ages. They quickly make friends with animals of any origin.

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