Behind the Scenes: Grooming Your Biewer at the Show Site

Watching the Biewers in the show ring is both awe inspiring and a bit intimidating. 😄
They just look so perfect and flawlessly groomed. How can they be real? Only highly trained, high priced professional handlers could possibly make them look like that.
Not true! 🤓
It doesn’t take a million dollar RV and $10K of specialized equipment to prepare a Biewer for the show ring. It’s actually a lot like Camping and you very likely have everything you need right at home. The only special equipment you need to purchase is a show lead and a hair bow!
Check out Kimberly’s “Lourier’s Show Site Bathing Station” 🤩 This is really awesome. Just some storage containers and a sump pump. 😎
Kimberly and Milo will show you step-by-step how to transform from rollicking wild child to stepping into the ring looking dignified and beautiful. You can do this!

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Karen Hansen @Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers

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