From the BTCA Newsletter August 2016

Why the BTCA board has made provision for registration of the “b” and “e” genes.


We recognized the fact that the Biewer Terrier may carry and produce colors not accepted in the

Standard because of the other possible breeds that went into the creation of the Biewer Terrier and

Realized that the brown “b” and the yellow “e” genes may express themselves.


For this reason we are requesting that AKC follow guidelines set forth by the BTCA, Inc. Any color

other than what is noted in the standard will be a DISQUALIFICATION. For registration purposes, we

will allow the following colors as a variance to the coloring of the Biewer Terrier; (Chocolate/Brown,

Tan and White, and Gold and White).


The following color codes will be noted on the BTRA registration of each dog that is not clear of these

Colors; Bb, Bb2, bb. If you have tested your dog and it came back clear –BB, you may request that the color code be added to your dog’s registration.



Carriers of the brown gene – Bb and Bb2


Chocolate/Brown, tan and white – bb


Carriers of the yellow gene – Ee


Yellow (Gold) and white – ee



We do not feel at this time that the colors Chocolate/Brown, Tan and White (also known as the Biro)

Are significant enough to be recognized for show. The standard may be revised in 5 years, and if you

Feel that the Chocolate/Liver dog is deserving of recognition, you may work on perfecting the colors and approach the board for a revision at that time.



The board has always considered what is best for the breed and we feel we have to acknowledge all things concerning the Biewer Terrier. We would like to look at all aspects of the Biewer breed so as not to encounter any issues 5 or 10 years down the line. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please contact the board so that we may work together on the betterment of our breed.





From the BTCA Newsletter August 2016

From the BTCA Newsletter August 2016


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