Bella the Biewer & the Duckling

Bella the Biewer & the Duckling

Once upon a time, in a small town nestled near a shimmering lake, there lived a little Biewer Terrier puppy named Bella. Bella had soft, fluffy fur, big round eyes, and a tail that wagged with excitement wherever she went. She was the cutest puppy in the whole town, and everyone adored her.

Bella loved exploring the world around her, sniffing the flowers in the park, and chasing butterflies. But her favorite thing of all was going on adventures with her best friend, a little girl named Lily. They were inseparable and would spend their days laughing and playing together.

One sunny morning, as Bella and Lily were taking a walk by the lake, they heard a tiny whimper coming from behind a bush. They hurried over to investigate and discovered a lost baby duckling named Daisy. Daisy was scared and all alone.

Bella’s heart melted with compassion, and she gently picked up Daisy with her mouth, being careful not to hurt her. Lily and Bella knew they had to help the Duckling find her family. So, with Daisy safely in Bella’s mouth, they embarked on a grand adventure to reunite Duckling Daisy with her loved ones.

They ventured through meadows, crossed babbling brooks, and climbed over mossy rocks, all while Bella carried Daisy gently. Along the way, they met a wise old owl who guided them with his wisdom and a squirrel who showed them a shortcut through the enchanted forest.

After many twists and turns, they finally reached the shimmering lake where Daisy’s family awaited. Bella gently placed Daisy on the water, and with joyful quacks, Daisy’s family rushed towards her. The little duckling was overjoyed to be reunited with her loved ones.

Daisy’s family was immensely grateful to Bella and Lily for their kindness. As a token of appreciation, they invited Bella and Lily to a grand celebration by the lake. Bella received a beautiful collar made of flowers, and Lily was given a magic seashell that granted wishes.

From that day on, Bella, Lily, and Duckling Daisy became the best of friends. They continued to have exciting adventures together, exploring the wonders of nature and spreading love and kindness wherever they went. And whenever they needed a little bit of magic, they would always remember the incredible journey that brought them together.

The end.

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers will be publishing a Children’s Book soon.

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