Durango & Destiny had 6 puppies ?

Sir Durango & Ms Destiny had a big litter of 6 standard colored Biewer Terrier Puppies. This is our C-Litter and we named the 3 boys Caesar, Clyde, and Casper. The 3 girls are Colorado, Celine and Chanel.

Sir Durango’s registered Kennel name is¬†Quistador Perfection de la Grace. He is a standard Biewer Terrier and was born in Latvia, Europe.¬†Perfection de La Grace¬†was¬†established and oficially registered in January 2010. Katerina¬†Galaktionova is the breeder of Durango¬†and Owner of the Kennel Perfection de La Grace. You will find Perfection de la Grace¬†dogs in over 20 different countries as¬†pets, breeders and show dogs.Durango is¬†AKC/ FSS,¬†BTRA¬†and IBC registered, DNA profiled,¬†Coat Color¬†tested,¬†MARS Wisdom Panel 3.0¬†tested. His parents are¬†Bentley Zolotaya¬†Imperiya¬†and¬†Erica Exotic Beauty Nif Naf. Have a look at¬†Durango’s¬†pedigree. All dogs in his pedigree won several champion titles in major European dog shows and have ben evaluated by reputable show judges. Durango¬†is a grandson of the famous “Woody of Sunflower” from Russia. He is very even tempered, laid back and easy going. He has a very short nose and beautiful big eyes. He is built like a square little brick. With 4 lb. and 2 oz he is on the smaller side.

Ms Destiny is about 7 lb. She has a very calm and even tempered personality. She is one the first Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Girls that came to us.

Sir Caesar’s birth weight was 1.8 oz. He was not able to nurse. We bottle fed him for 3 days but he would not thrive and passed away on day #4. You can read about his story here.

Update: Chanel, Celine and Clyde will be available around the end of June 2016. Please contact us if you are interested in the available Biewer Terrier Puppies out of this litter (C-Litter).

Karen Hansen @Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers

You can text me at (970)882-3299.

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