Financing Your Biewer Puppy

Financing your Biewer Terrier Puppy

Considering Financing your Biewer Terrier Puppy? It’s a great way to get the puppy you want today with affordable monthly payments. You can apply for Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers puppy financing in moments! It’s simple! It’s fast! And with high approval rates, nearly everyone is approved! So you can pay for your new Biewer Terrier Puppy over time.

Option 1

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers Financing





  • WAGS Pet Lending was created especially for pet loving people. People who understand the benefits of the unconditional love of a pet. We know that not everyone has the money to pay outright for a high quality pet. We can arrange a way to provide you with the lending you need. WAGS provides the highest approval rates in the industry. Our terms are convenient.
    If you finance $3,500 over 24 months, your monthly payment will be around $205 with no down payment. You can buy out at any time. Just fill in the pre application, once you have completed the form within 24hrs you will get an email indicating if you have been approved. If you are approved you will receive another email to complete your finance application.  Within a week the entire financing process will be over and you can finally receive your beautiful puppy. WAGS Lending Apply Now

Option 2

  • PayPal Credit helps you with flexible payment options allowing you to pay over time?
    Our financing options mean you can buy with the power to pay as you choose.


Option 3

  • Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers Savings Plan allows you to start with a small $199 (non-refundable) deposit, then make additional payments, on your schedule and budget. Once your account balance allows for the purchase of a puppy, you may then select a puppy of your choice from our available Puppies. Your Biewer Terrier Puppy will be shipped as age and weight appropriate. The Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers Savings Plan does not serve as a Reserve Payment on an active listed puppy.


Karen Hansen @Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers

You can text me at (970)882-3299.


  1. I am looking for a mini female or male. Color does not matter. I would like adult size to be 3 lbs or under. Would this be available from your breeding line? I am willing to wait until available.

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