Picking up your new Biewer Puppy at the Airport

Picking up your Biewer Puppy the Airport

Some Airports have a Cargo Facility Location that is usually around the corner and some Airports handle traveling pets at the ticket or baggage counter. Check here to find out about your Airport's PetSafe Pick Up Location.
We will send you the AirWayBill number for your Biewer Puppy's flight reservation and you can track your Biewer Puppy here. You will be able to see all flights numbers and departure/landing times.

Track your Biewer Puppy on the Airplane

Track your Puppy and check the Flight Status

We recommend to also check the flight status of your Biewer Puppy to make sure flights are on time. Sometimes a flight is delayed or arrives early and you want to make sure you will be ready to pick up your puppy when the flight lands. The easiest way to check the flight status is to enter the flight number into Google Search or use a Flight Tracker App.

Check the Flight Status with Google

What to bring to the Airport

Please get some Nutri-Cal here to give to your Biewer Puppy when it arrives. Nutri-Cal is a high-calorie supplement used for stressed or traveling pets, it is also recommended to give to your puppy when it is suffering from illness, surgery, aging pets or picky eaters, who need increased calories and nutrition. The easiest way to administer Nutri-Cal to your puppy is with a 1cc Syringe which you can order here. These 1 cc Syringes are very handy. You can use them to administer vitamins, medications, supplement, liquids etc. You can also ask your vet to give you a few.

Nutri-Cal for your Biewer Terrier Puppy

Potty, Food & Water for your Puppy at the Airport

Please do not have your Biewer Puppy go potty at the airport or a gas station. These places are high traffic areas and they are not clean and not safe for your puppy! You can put a potty pad on the floor in your car with a little bowl of wet food & water and see if it is hungry, thirsty or wants to go potty. Some puppies don't eat during the travel and it is very important that your puppy catches up and eats something as soon as possible. You can also give it 1/2 cc of Nutri-Cal paste with the 1cc syringe or just with your finger (might get messy). Please take a few minutes time before you get on the road again to drive home. Once you arrive at home with your puppy, it will all be very exciting and overwhelming and your puppy might be distracted and not eat even though it is very hungry. Order potty training pads here.

Food, Water & Potty at the Airport

Check your Puppy's Gums

The gums should be pink and wet. If the gums are pale, bone colored, grey and not pink, then your puppy has a low sugar level (hypoglycemia). You will have to give it some Nutri-Cal to boost the sugar level. (we never had a puppy arrive with a low sugar level) If your puppy's gums are sticky and dry, then your puppy is dehydrated and needs water. You can use the syringe to hand feed some water if it would not drink on its own. It would be best if you put your puppy back into its airline carrier with food and water while you drive home so it can take a few minutes to maybe try some of that yummy wet food and get some water. If you feel your puppy is feeling good and doesn't seem to be troubled with the travel stress at all, then you can, of course, keep it with you while you drive home. 

Hypoglycemic Biewer Terrier Puppy

You made it home with your Biewer Puppy

Once you are home with your puppy, make sure it gets food, water, and rest. Most puppies get really excited and want to check out the new home and the family and they forget to eat or sleep. It is important that your Biewer Puppy gets some rest and also gets a good meal. You can order a little baby gate and put your Biewer Puppy in a small room, maybe a guest bathroom or a laundry room ... but make sure it doesn't get "locked away" from everything. With the baby gate, you can leave the door open but your Biewer Puppy will be safe in a restricted area for some time here and there so it can focus on food, water, and rest. Put food, water bed, potty pad and chew toys in that little room so your puppy has everything it would need while it spends time in the "recovery area". 

Biewer Puppy Safety Gate

"How does the Biewer Puppy Shipping work?"

If you have questions about the Shipping & Delivery Details for your Biewer Puppy, you can read our Blog Post about

"How does the Biewer Puppy Shipping work?"

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