Puppy Crate Bumper for Sir Ethan (Hawke)

Puppy Crate Bumper

A puppy crate bumper for Sir Ethan (Hawke) 🙂 who escaped from his whelping nest 8 times last night. Mission Impossible! He squeezed himself through the grid 1 time and got stuck 7 times but he managed to cry for help immediately 🙂
Daddy went to the store to get Crib Bumpers at 5 am this morning. They have some very affordable ones at Walmart and he came back with 2 packs of crib bumpers. It took 5 minutes to tie them inside the whelping crate and Sir Ethan checked it out right away.
Luckily we have our new born puppies in our bedroom. It could have been very bad if we weren’t there to help little Sir Ethan. His mom was trying to pull him out but that just made worse. He is a little adventurer 🙂


Puppy Crate Bumper

Puppy Crib Bumper

Puppy Crate Bumper

Puppy Crib Bumper


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