Update on the Reunion of Mrs. Gertrud Biewer

Letter from the Mayor in Hirschfeld, Germany


Reburial of the Urn of Mrs. Gertrud Biewer

This is to certify that the urn of the deceased Mrs. Gertrud Biewer may be buried in the grave of Mr. Werner Biewer at the cemetery of the local church Hirschfeld.
The reburial takes place based on your application from 12/21/2018.
Your agreement in this regard has been provided.
The grave fee for the remaining time is 150.00 € and will be charged separately.
All costs for the reburial, including the opening of the grave, the gravestone for the urn and the grave plate, are to be paid by you as the applicant.
These services are not provided by the local church. Please inform me in writing of the date of the transfer.

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