Have you ever wondered why USA beef, pork, and chicken are banned in Europe and other countries?

Did you even know about that? It’s true! If you do some research, you will learn that much of the U.S. beef cattle are fed cancer-causing synthetic hormones in the feedlots before slaughter. The EEC banned USA beef already back in 1989 from being sold in any E.U. country! Crazy, isn’t it?!! Ractopamine can cause anxiety and an increased heart rate in humans. Ractopamine is banned in 160 countries but is fed to Pigs, Cows, and Turkeys in the US daily. The U.S.’s position is that the use of Ractopamine favors agricultural trade over health risks. Chicken meat is washed in chlorine and fed arsenic-based feed additives. The list goes on and on …

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