USDA License

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers is USDA License

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers is licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture

November 2013 a new day emerged with huge differences in regulations, standards and administrative requirements from the Obama Administration.  The essence of the new regulations is if you have (4) intact female anything on your property you must become licensed and inspected by the USDA, in addition if you ship a puppy or a dog sight unseen again you must be licensed by the USDA.  The regulations are far more reaching than these two items, actually the regulations are provided in a book that has 143 pages of line item regulations that must be met without fail with a 100.0% score or face a potential non-recourse (Guilty as Charged with no appeal, no trial, no hearing) fine starting at 10k per infraction.   These regulations are so smothering a USDA kennel today is cleaner and operated to a higher state of care than most restaurants in America today.

In summary if you are a USDA facility in today’s business environment you are without a doubt one of the few, and one of the best in the world.