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First of all, I would like you to visit our Facebook Group “Friends of Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers”. The members of this group are real people with real Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. Many of them have visited us here at our place in Dolores, Colorado, once, twice, or even four times, to pick up their Biewer Puppy, to look at parents, or to just talk about Biewers.
The 2018, 2019, and the 2022 Biewer Club events, both took place here in Dolores Colorado. Many Club members traveled across the country with their Biewers to attend the Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier 2018 and 2019 Annual Club Event. Part of the event was a tour of our house and premises. Club members were able to visit the nursery, play fetch with the adults and spend some time at our home. You can read more about the annual get-together in the Biewer Town Barker or in the October Issue of the Top Notch Toy Magazine.
The Show sign Magazine published an interview with us and an article about our 2022 Club Event and you can read it here.

1. Let’s start with the Better Business Bureau

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers is an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). That means BBB has determined Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers, LLC is properly licensed and has established records and a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. The BBB is monitoring Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers for continued compliance. We have zero complaints with the BBB filed.

As a true customer of Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers, you will be able to review your experience. As of 2023, Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers has received a total of 70+ customer reviews, all of which are positive reviews.
If you have never purchased a puppy from us, you won’t be able to leave a review or file complaints. The BBB verifies with the business if the review was written by a true customer. If there is no purchase contract or any proof of the transaction provided, a review will not be accepted.
Unfortunately, it happens all the time that non-customers want to leave a negative review or file complaints to express or share their dissatisfaction.
Here are some of the reasons for people wanting to leave a negative review:

  • we refused to place a puppy in a certain home for various reasons
  • we do not offer puppies with breeding rights without a show contract
  • somebody was very interested in a puppy but not ready to pay a deposit payment and the puppy was already sold
  • somebody applied for financing with a lender for pet loans and was rejected
  • somebody claims to have sent numerous unanswered emails (that we never received)
  • somebody felt our puppies are way too expensive and unaffordable

Some people are easily offended and while we do our best to accommodate everyone it is impossible to make everyone happy all of the time.

2. Facebook Reviews

Facebook does not verify if the reviewer is a real customer of the business. Facebook does also not verify if the person reviewing the business is actually a real person. We do have 100% positive Facebook Reviews.

Last year we received negative reviews from other breeders. It started with one breeder being upset because we refused to sell our puppy with breeding rights. We do offer breeding rights at times on a show contract. That means the buyer would have to show and finish the dog either with UKC or AKC in order to receive breeding rights. This way we make sure that only extraordinary specimens of our Biewer Terriers get to produce offspring. Some breeders get upset because they do not show their dogs and therefore will not receive the right to breed any puppy from us. Others are just competitors that are upset because a customer inquired about their puppy but then ended up getting one from us. It got so bad that breeders would create fake Facebook accounts to be able to leave multiple negative reviews. We reported these reviews to Facebook and they have been removed. Since then we have deactivated the Facebook Review Feature for our Facebook Page and no longer receive any reviews on Facebook.


3. Ripoff Report 

Ripoff Report is a privately owned and operated for-profit website founded by Mr. Magedson. Ed lives at a secret location in Arizona, convinced that some people not only fantasize about killing him but would actually do so if they got the chance.
His home sits fortified behind fences with cameras watching for intruders. He makes special arrangements to dispose of trash lest enemies go through his detritus. He worries that a stray hair could leave behind DNA clues. He records his phone conversations, and if he meets a new person, sometimes hires bodyguards to sit nearby. Magedson, 61, runs Depending on your point of view, Magedson either champions consumer rights or callously destroys reputations. His site allows anyone to complain anonymously about any firm or person, and no matter what, Magedson says he will not remove the posting. But he will accept thousands of dollars per case for his corporate advocacy program.

In March 2018, we received an email that Ripoff Report was filed against our company. A few minutes later we received several other emails, offering a “reputation management service”. All emails stated the same, for only $1,990 we could have the ripoff report removed from page 1 on Google.
We contacted the lady who had filed the ripoff report and it all turned out to be a misunderstanding. She had texted the wrong number, and we never received her messages.

She wrote to RipOff Report and also called them to have her report removed:

Biewer TerrierBiewer Terrier

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