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Reviews for Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers

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  • Sherry D Anderson

    We are thrilled with our puppies and the experience we have had with RMBT from day 1 to “Gotcha Day”! We brought home 2 baby girls and they are a complete delight! Karen is with you every step of the way from the most well-designed and informative website, to taking the time to quickly respond to texts of questions throughout the entire process. Photos, videos, and info were provided to review puppies fitting the descriptions/requests we had in the beginning. The waiting is the hardest part but only builds your excitement and anticipation for the special day when you pick up those beautiful pups!
    Jared is wonderful! Delivering puppies to the expecting parents, with info, treats, supplies, food, and all thats needed to take home a puppy, he does it with a warm smile and loads of helpful information. And then….reminds us that they are there for any help needed along the way which is such a comfort and reassurance.
    Take the time to look at every single part of the website. They include videos of their home and so much information for potential buyers.

    I feel like we now have a special bond with 2 people who have a love and passion for providing the best of the best. When researching the breed, take time to research the Breeders too. They provide the love that gives their puppies the best start. We couldn’t be happier!
    Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers Reviews

    May 11, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Barbara Gomes

    Karen and Jared were great to work with during the entire process. Any questions were answered promptly and I love the blogs Karen posts that answer all kinds of questions.

    May 11, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Candace Labovites

    The owners and the family at Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers in Dolores, CO are the most conscientious, dedicated, and loving breeders that I have ever come across. They are extremely knowledgeable about the breed and what it takes to raise well-adjusted, sweet puppies with the best temperaments. It is evident in the large amount of information, advice and tips they share with the prospective new puppy owners and on their website, the environment in which the pups are raised along with excellent, nutritious food they’re given for a healthy start in life and the loving care given by the family. We currently have two Biewer Terriers from RMBT and are considering a third. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting a wonderful, sweet adorable puppy with which to share their life.

    May 11, 2023
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  • Debra Todd

    I first went to the Dolores airport to pick up two puppies… One for a friend and one for my sister. Two months later, I went back to pick up a puppy for us! We couldn’t be happier. The Hanson Family is a top-of-the-line, credible breeder with extreme attention to detail and caring for their puppies, and where they go to have their new homes. Three weeks ago I went back to Denver to get a second Biewer terrier as a companion for our first one and she is such a doll. Tomorrow, I am picking up a puppy for my sister, who just lost her husband as this will be the perfect distraction for her broken heart. Karen’s son is delivering the puppy to me. I’ve had dogs all my life and moving forward. I will only get Biewer Terriers, and hopefully, RMBT will continue breeding them because I’ve looked elsewhere. Nothing compares to the quality, temperament, and health of her line of dogs.

    Debra Todd Biewer Puppy

    May 11, 2023
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  • Brittany Hewitt

    Absolutely loved my experience with RMBT. Best breeder I have ever worked with and cares so much about her dogs and customers. Facebook group is so helpful and supportive. Best decision I’ve ever made, my little guy brings me so much joy!
    Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers review

    May 10, 2023
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  • Amy Flanigan

    We got our Biewer, Violet, in December 2020 from RMBT. Being from Texas and in the middle of Covid, we were a bit nervous to purchase a puppy from out-of-state. Once we met our baby all nerves went out the door. She is precious and perfect with a personality to go with it. She was easily socialized and got along well with her big sister. Do not think twice about purchasing one of these puppies. You are getting an exceptionally well-bred dog!
    Biewer Terrier Review

    May 10, 2023
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  • Joyce Rime

    Adopting our girls from Rocky Mountain Biewers was great from beginning to end. We are absolutely in love with them. We highly recommend this breeder. Couldn’t be happier.

    May 2, 2023
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  • Tina Romero

    Karen and her team at RMBT have quite simply built the most incredible organization with impeccable service and communication. My first pup, Ryder (Sir Nemo) came home with such a good temperament and lots of love. Not to mention, these babies are just absolutely precious! My family picked up our second baby Bodie (Sir Toby) not long after. Our family is truly blessed. Karen’s dedication to providing an open line of communication, endless resources (including flight delivery!), and message boards where we can stay in contact with other families is a tremendous perk along with countless others. I have been so pleased and overjoyed with each experience. Who knows, there may be a third baby in the future! Thank you RMBT!Tina Romero Review Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers

    April 30, 2023
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  • Carolyn Hedin

    We recently met Jared and picked up our beautiful RMBT puppy at the airport in Denver. She has settled in nicely with us from the start and it is obvious she has been well taken care of and socialized in a loving environment Our experience with RMBT was very positive in all aspects. The website has so much information on all aspects of Biewer Terriers. Karen was very receptive to all my many questions as a first-time owner of this breed. All questions were answered promptly and I feel comfortable that any help I need going forward will be there. I did quite a bit of research and review in finding Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers and would not hesitate to recommend them.

    Biewer Terrier Review

    April 30, 2023
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  • Kendall Rockler

    Great breeder with such amazing customer service! We just love our tiny little Ziva. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a high quality puppy and a red carpet experience.

    April 29, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Leslie Grace

    Definitely recommend Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers! Found our puppy on their website and fell in love immediately. The website is excellent, with lots of good info and answers to everything you could think to ask. We couldn’t be happier with our sweet little boy! He is happy, well-adjusted to other dogs and people, and was already pad trained when we got him. Hope to get another puppy from RMBT in the future.

    Biewer Terrier Review Leslie Winters

    April 27, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Rhonda Sykes

    I have several puppies from Karen and Jared at Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. I have gotten them because these are beautifully bred dogs with wonderful temperaments. I love them to pieces and have never met someone who was not thrilled with their puppy. Jared, Karen, and their family do this breeding together and they are amazing!

    April 25, 2023
  • Nissa Larsen

    RMBT are absolutely the best company I have had the pleasure of working with. They are professional and responsive to questions and truly care about the puppies they are raising. We got our first puppy from them in 2020, and he has been the sweetest temperament dog I have ever owned or met! When we decided to get him a companion we didn’t think twice about buying another RMBT. And in January we adopted our girl puppy, Cora. She has also been so sweet and loving and never bites or is aggressive! And the fact that they delivered our pup to us was even more amazing! I can’t express how special these dogs are! We will forever recommend RMBT to anyone who wants a loving, sweet, chill dog. They don’t shed or cause allergies, are good with children and other pets, and don’t bark. They are just the best! Thank you Karen and Jared for all you do to raise these perfect pups!

    April 25, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Kimberly Whitman

    Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers (RMBT) is top-notch. Their communication and organization are exceptional, and it was a pleasant experience each step of the way. We absolutely love our puppy and recommend Karen, Jared, and RMBT to everyone.

    April 25, 2023
  • Joan Aeschbach

    I would like to highly recommend Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. In January I was blessed to get a retired female from Karen. The care they give to these dogs/puppies is amazing they are all raised in a beautiful lodge home. The arrangements were made to accommodate my being in Florida and they are located in Colorado it was so enjoyable to meet my little girl at the Orlando airport. We have a Facebook group where everyone shares their experiences, pictures, videos, cute stories of this incredible breed from Germany. You will not regret getting a puppy from RMBT, check out their FB page it will give you all of the details.

    April 23, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Lisa Visco

    I strongly recommend this breeder. They raise well-adjusted and happy puppies. My little one loves every person she meets. She also loves other pets and is good with children. I definitely plan to purchase another puppy from them in the near future!
    Lisa Visco Biewer Terrier Review

    April 21, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Kariann Murphy

    Karen & Jared were amazing. There was so much information on their website. The process was very easy and they supported us the whole way.

    April 2, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Charlene Larway

    Our journey began when we were looking for a small size, non shedding and loveable dog. My husband and I stumbled upon the RMBT site and wow, from the very start we felt that we had found a breeder that truly cared about her dogs, the puppies and animals in general. Karen was so easy to communicate with. I had a lot of questions, as this was an investment and a change to our household. Karen answered everything in moments. Her FB page and website is FULL of information. I appreciated the FAQs and was so impressed that she gave detailed instructions on what to do to prepare ahead of picking up your new fur babies and for the weeks that follow. Yes, I said "babies". We ended up getting two puppies that day.. different age and litters. They have brought such joy to our lives. They have acclimated so well….even our 14 year old cat loves them!! For anyone considering a Biewer Terrier, please know that we highly recommend Karen, Jared and the RMBT team. Best caring, informative and loving breeder we have seen yet (and I looked at many). Thank you Karen and RMBT, this "adoption" was so smooth and every piece of advice or information you have given us has been spot on! My only regret is that I never made it to your place to meet you personally. Thank you to Jared for meeting me in Denver…. best day ever picking up Elsa and Jasper (aka Sir Alex).

    March 16, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Carlos Gonzalez

    I have researched many breeders looking for my next pet after losing my 17.5 years old Yorkie. After checking many places, I found Rockey Mountain Biewer Terrier. First of all, they respond fast to questions. The breeding program is top-notch, the best of the best. The support group looks strong and has all the information to make you a successful owner of a new companion. I'm looking forward to my new pet once me and my family grief our little one. I will recommend anyone looking for a Biewer Terrier to look no further. Having a little one that lasts a long time is essential to have a well-balanced one that is breed responsible.
    I'll look forward to the process, the pictures and videos of the upcoming litter, and the Facebook support group.

    March 10, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Angela Bartell

    Karen and Jared are the epitome of professionalism. The result: happy, healthy puppies and a stronger, healthier Biewer Terrier breed! Thank you, Karen and Jared!

    March 4, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Debbie Williams

    We brought home Sir Morris (Now Buttons) about a month ago. He is so sweet and cuddly. He came from a wonderful breeder and I would return for another puppy in the future.

    February 27, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Michele Mihm

    I picked up my adorable puppy from RMBT. They were so nice and very helpful. Their website is full of any information you may need. They even have a Facebook page for other dog owners to post their pics and to ask questions about these beautiful babies. I looked into several other breeders to purchase a Biewer terrier and RMBT was the only breeder I felt comfortable dealing with. So happy I found them.

    February 22, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Victoria Huebner

    Top notch and professional breeder! Highly recommend! Love our Biewer Terrier and all the help Karen and Jared provides.

    February 14, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Bridjet Blout

    I had great experience purchasing my puppy from Karen and Jared! Karen was very accommodating working with me until the time was right for me to choose a puppy! We couldn't be happier with our puppy she is beyond precious, has such a sweet personality and is very healthy! I highly recommend a RMBT! Also the puppy kit on their site is very nice to have when traveling with the puppy but they also give you a gift bag with everything you would need to get home the day of picking your puppy up!

    Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Review

    February 8, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Kyle Golston

    This is one of the best breeders and they provide you with so more information. The pictures of the dogs and information are so professional.

    February 2, 2023
  • Julia Oren

    I am so happy I got a biewer and even happier I got a biewer from Karen (RMBT). As far as breeders go, RMBT checked all the boxes and more. I had contacted several small dog breeders before finding RMBT, and they are the most professional and trustworthy breeders I have come across. They provided lots of information and responded to all my queries promptly. My pup, Sir Ugo, is fantastic. He came to us at 18 weeks and was well socialized, great around kids and other animals. He was fully vaccinated and dewormed. Ugo likes to cuddle and play and is quite smart with his training.
    Julia Oren Biewer Terrier review

    January 20, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Amber Shawver

    We have had an excellent experience with Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. So much so we purchased multiple puppies over the last few years. These are the best dogs we've ever had. Thank you RMBT!

    January 9, 2023
  • Katelyn Neumann

    Karen and Jared provided me with my furbaby, Gracie, and my life is forever changed! She has the best temperament – so sweet & affectionate and was able to train her in a couple of months. They raised the best dog for me!

    December 13, 2022
  • Laura M.

    I cannot speak highly enough about Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers- I highly recommend them. I picked up my puppy at DIA in July and he is a healthy, delightful dog with an excellent temperament. From the moment I began speaking with Karen, the communication was efficient, yet friendly, and she thoughtfully sent additional photographs after I purchased him while I was waiting for the day of delivery. I believe that they are excellent breeders based on the health, temperament, and obvious socialization of my puppy and the entire experience went smoothly. Again, I have no hesitation recommending them to prospective buyers- their dogs are truly exceptional!

    October 19, 2022
  • Linda Marcone

    We purchased a Biewer Terrier puppy from Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. The breeder has a ton of information on the site to answer questions and has been responsive via text to any additional questions we had. The purchase went smoothly and they also recommended a puppy travel nanny who delivered the puppy to an airport near us from Colorado as we couldn’t pick up the puppy ourselves. This puppy has been a perfect addition to our family! He is super smart, has been doing great on potty training, and loves our kids and people in general. Such a great temperament and is the cutest puppy ever! Definitely give this business a 5-star rating for great customer service and for breeding such wonderful puppies.

    August 23, 2022
  • Kristy DeFluri

    Very happy with my dog: well mannered, spunky, trainable and of course adorable. Sir Calvin of Oct 2021 is now almost 7 months and has been a wonderful addition to our family. After the passing of my 14 year old pug, I was attracted to the Biewer breed because of their happy but not too hyper disposition; I believed this would be a good fit and companion for our older adult dog. Being from the east coast, it was nice to see the updates on social media before we picked up our pup and I feel there was an abundance of resources and recommendations provided to ensure I provided the best environment for the new addition. I am happy to highly recommend RMBT for happy and healthy Biewer

    December 8, 2021
  • Amber B.

    Karen has provided me and my mom with two extraordinary, healthy , beautiful puppies. I can not thank her enough for the amazing care she puts into these babies and her business. She truly cares about her puppies and their well being. 5/5 highly recommended.

    November 23, 2021
  • Victor Kato

    We are so pleased and blessed with our puppy! Best decision ever! We highly recommend Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier's!!

    October 10, 2021
  • Vincent Duarte

    Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier is the place to go is you are looking for a healthy beautiful Biewer Terrier. Jared and Karen make the whole experience as easy as can be. This is not a puppy mill by any means. We are so very happy with our puppy. He has a very unique personality and has brought us so much joy and laughter. I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier as they are top breeders and provide ongoing support before and well after the purchase of your new puppy

    July 5, 2021
  • L.C.

    I want to say thank you so very much to Karen and Jared and family for my puppy Frankie. He's everything that was promised and more. Working with Karen in getting Frankie was so easy, so pleasant, and so complete that I had no doubt about how to care for him. They go above and beyond to get us all set for our puppies, and Karen is always available to us by text or on their Facebook group page anytime we need. I love that Karen monitor's our posts and advises us when we're a little lost about puppy care or whatnot. I feel very blessed to have found RMBT. Thank you so very much, Karen and Jared, for blessing me with Frankie. I forever appreciate you and am very thankful. 🙂

    June 5, 2021
  • Jennifer Sawka

    Excellent experience! My puppy is happy and healthy. She immediately fit into our family and socialized easily with our other dogs.

    May 21, 2021
  • Norman Nelson

    I had a wonderful experience with RMBT! They helped my wife and I each step of the way as we made the decision to bring a new little puppy into our home. Our new little guy is healthy happy and beautiful!

    April 28, 2021
  • Marilyn Duman

    I adopted two biewer terriers from Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers and they are both exceptional, beautiful puppies with wonderful dispositions. The breeder, Karen, is knowledgeable about this breed of dog and has always been helpful and responsive in answering questions and addressing any concerns I have had.

    February 9, 2021
  • Denise Christian

    Our journey of joy is a direct result of these two, "precious pups" which came to us through the superior breeder practices, policies, service, and support offered by Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers.
    We delightfully welcomed our #1 boy in Jan. of 2020, and boy #2 joined us two years later. We're absolutely head-over-heels in love with these guys!
    Ya wanna love a pet? Ya wanna laugh? Get an RMBT pup! This dog breed is loving, curious, fun, and full of energy. They're a healthy, sturdy puppy! Check out the website. There's so much information available. Then text Karen Hansen with your questions. There's a chat feature on the website. Karen and Jared Hansen are ready to answer all your questions!

    January 31, 2021
  • 7 Moonsters

    I just discovered and fell in love with Biewer Terriers from watching the 2021 AKC Championship on TV. I've researched and looked up many breeders, but I was drawn to RMBT. It was only when I saw that one video on RMBT Facebook of a 20 week old Moochi (aka Sir Monty) that I instantly fell in love. Long story short, Moochi has filled our lives with laughter, zoomies, and s(moochi)es. Thank you RMBT for raising such great dogs. You can't go wrong with a pup from RMBT.

    December 14, 2020
  • Susan Thokle

    We had the best experience in our purchase of our beautiful Biewer Terrier, Isabella, from Rocky Mountain Terriers! Their amazing website , which gives information galore and answers questions you might have is all in one place. Communication with Karen and Rubi was prompt and thorough. Most importantly, I felt that our puppy was very well socialized and my Isabella fit in beautifully with our other 2 little seniors.
    If you are interested in this breed then this is your breeder!

    October 25, 2020
  • Kate Stewart

    We reached out to Karen and the Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers after a friend suggested them after getting her wonderful pup from them as well. Karen and her crew were extremely responsive, prompt, professional, and worked quickly and efficiently to get all the paperwork done. It was quite painless shockingly!

    Our pup arrived from Colorado, happier then ever. With his wiggle butt, happy demeanor, and endless kisses. He is the most amazing, socialized, easy going dog. I couldnt have asked for a better pup. He has completed our family unit with a 6 year old son and a 1 year old dog.

    The website with all biewer terrier information is priceless. The quick links to amazon and other sites for purchase of necessary items made my life so much easier. It's a great addition and i was sure to get the right items. The videos of grooming and other care of the terriers is such a big help to a new biewer terrier mom. I cannot say how great the support was from the group.

    They sent the pup with a goody bag for the plane flight as well as the first day of arriving in case anything was missed. We just received a christmas card and Karen checks in and has a Facebook support group as well as share page for the terrier families.

    I have already recommended this group and these pups to others and cannot put into words how wonderful these pups are. They are truly amazing and the Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier have done an amazing job raising these little fluffy love bugs.

    September 17, 2020
  • Evonna Thorburn

    We bought a Biewer from RNBT nearly a year ago. The Hansens are the best. They have a passion for providing the best possible Biewer Terriers. Our experience was amazing and we adore our little guy.

    June 21, 2020
  • Sandy Hecomovich

    Khloe, (aka Lady Gracie) made the 7 1/2 hour ride home to Scottsdale on Saturday and was a perfect little angel, did not have to pee the entire time, most amazing! It was love at first sight for both of us. Even though our dearly departed Yorkie and Khloe were born on the same day, their personalities are completely different. She is so much calmer, even as a puppy! She has been great in her crate, sleeps through the night no problem. She is a tad picky with treats, makes it harder to train and not terribly interested in her toys, of which she has many! “Me and my shadow” comes to mind as she is so adorable and follows me everywhere. A ways to go with the potty training but we will get there. We have a lot of wood and tile, of course she picks the very few carpeted areas that aren’t closed off, even while I am watching her and before I can grab her. Have to be really careful and hover when we are outside, there are bobcats, coyotes, hawks, eagles, vultures that hang out in our area and would love her for a snack!

    June 18, 2020
    Verified Review
  • Sherri Johnson

    Karen and family were very responsive and caring during the entire process of my puppies purchase! I have had our two Biewer Terrier puppies for 6 months now and I still get support from Karen if I have questions.
    Very professional! My dogs are beautiful, healthy and smart. I truly believe these sweet, cuddling, loving and playful babies are this way because they were very well taken care of by this breeder early in life. If my husband would let me I would get another puppy from Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier!! Thanks so very much for giving us the opportunity to bring our little Wilson and Alexis into our family.

    May 15, 2020
  • Samantha Gunther

    Karen & Jared breed beautiful, quality dogs. Our puppy is smart, beautiful, social and so well taken care of. He came trained to potty on pads which was a huge help. The Biewers are a great breed very loving and smart and great companions. Thank you Rocky Mountain for our little boy. We love him so much!!

    March 23, 2020
  • Stacy Day

    Karen and Jared are the best! Their puppies are absolutely precious! I have personally been to their home and can only say that their beautiful home is absolutely a wonderful beginning for these sweet pups. Their love and concern for all of their puppies is unmatched…. Every aspect of their business is without exception top notch and their knowledge and experience is most certainly unmatched…

    February 18, 2020
  • John Romano

    From the beginning of my search for the right Biewer terrier through to the purchase and delivery of Roxy, RMBT has been there with great documentation, photos, timely answers to questions and much more. It was a great experience. Good job Karen.

    January 5, 2020
  • Adam Rush

    Drove there from California. Picked up our pup had the best experience ever with the staff and tour of the property. Animal care was beyond expectations. I will be recommending this to all who inquire.

    December 11, 2019
  • Vera Tunon

    They are very hands on, friendly and professional. I found them very responsive to my questions and reasonable in accommodating my needs. Now I have two lovely boys to bless my home.

    November 6, 2019
  • Lynn Retzak

    Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers is THE place to go if you are looking for one of these adorable fur babies. Karen and Jared go above and beyond to not only find good homes for their puppies (and adults), but also to help new owners find the best way to either pick up their pups or to have them delivered. Our Maggie is now three years old, and I appreciate that Karen keeps all of the owners updated via Facebook, and she is quick to respond when one of us has a question or posts a concern about how to care for our little ones. This is a reliable breeder. Karen and Jared make sure that there is no inbreeding, and we have had no health issues with Maggie. These puppies are worth every penny…they bring so much joy into a home with their personalities and antics.

    October 24, 2019
  • Nicolas Lopez

    I have a big heart when it comes to dogs the dogs here are so well taken care of and have so much room to run and play very healthy adults and puppies if you are looking for the breeds they have I would recommend getting one to friends and family the owners are very nice and down to earth people and passionate about what they do..

    October 24, 2019
  • Leisel Hickey

    Jared and Karen selected us personally the best puppy for our circumstances. We fell in love with this breed but needed someone who could fit into a cattle ranch life in the hot part of Texas. After 3 weeks he is totally the boss and runs the place. His favorite moments are on the tractors or ate with his ears flapping in the wind. Great Breeders that actually care where there bloodlines go. Excellent care in handling us as clients. We will definitely recommend them and would gladly buy another best mate from them

    September 16, 2019
  • Pamela Scott

    I couldn't be happier with my experience with Karen and Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers! My beautiful girl Stella arrived beautifully groomed and in perfect health. She was well-socialized and even housebroken at 4 months! It makes me feel so good to know that I got my dog from a breeder who raised them in such a good environment. I am trying to talk my husband into getting another dog from Karen! I will be happy to provide references.

    August 28, 2019
  • Carrie White

    Jared & Karen are great ppl & breeders. Their Biewer pups are well socialized & are the most special breed. Love our RMBT!!

    July 7, 2019
  • Linda Berube

    We are very happy with RMBT they have been great to deal with always answers my questions asap. Their deliveries are always as promised. I bought a little female a few weeks ago and decided to get another. They are the sweetest little dogs, no health problems we are so glad we got them

    July 7, 2019
  • Lhissa Santana

    This is the most transparent and caring breeders i have seen. I did extensive search to find a puppy after i lost my 8 yo yorkie. Karen takes such good care of her puppies. The best part is they are not sold and done kind of place, they care for the families of their pups as well. Always respond quickly and always willing to help. I cant say enough good about this place. Is a gained group of people sharing love for the breed!!! Love love!!!!

    June 20, 2019
  • Bianca Waters

    In my search for a good reputable Biewer Terrier breeder, I found RMBT. I contacted Karen and put myself on the waitlist for a boy puppy. To my surprise the list moved very quickly and I was able to pick a puppy. Throughout the entire process Karen was very helpful, quick to respond back to any questions I had via text, and communicated with me about the process of getting my puppy, also sharing helpful tips and links for food, treats etc.

    Kobe (Sir Brody) has been a great addition to our family. He is the sweetest pup. Very smart, alert, curious and full of love and cuddles. Karen is a great breeder and is very knowledgeable you can tell just how much love she pours into each puppy. If you are looking for biewer terrier look no further. You will not regret it. RMBT is the best!

    May 19, 2019
  • Anonymous

    RMBT and Karen are truly the best. They gave me the biggest joy that I have. My puppy is now over one year old and he is perfect and everything that I have dreamed of. It was clear from the start that he was loved and taken care of from day one. Karen is also extremely responsive to any questions you may have even months after you get the puppy. Not to mention the extraordinary community of biewer terriers you will join if you get one. Truly the best out there.

    May 14, 2019
  • Alex G

    We couldn't be more pleased with the puppy we got from RMBT. He is so sweet, mild mannered, healthy, intelligent, and gorgeous. He was well trained from the start and fit into our home so quickly, you could tell he came from a great place. Karen was so responsive and helpful with delivery through all the COVID madness. I would definitely recommend this breeder to anyone and have already recommended them to many friends!

    April 27, 2019
  • Linda Hadyka

    In 2019, I was looking for a small, intelligent breed. I came upon RMBT. What a blessing. Karen and Jared are very professional. Extremely devoted to the Biewer breed. Their home is actually where the pups are born. Go to their site to see the happy pups, clean rooms. We texted a few times and together picked out my little guy ..Sir Nemo. He arrived on 10/30/19, healthy, happy. Easy to train, loyal, sweet, smart. I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Biewer.

    April 10, 2019
  • Brian Owings

    We recently got a beautiful black Pomeranian from Rocky Mountain Pomeranians. Jared was very helpful and friendly throughout the process. He was very flexible and catered to a tight delivery window scheduling the flight that worked best for us. Our Pomeranian arrived in perfect condition in a quality re-usable carrier with plenty of food and water even though the flight was only 40 mins. Jared even followed up the same day to ensure all had gone well. Overall, I could not have had a better experience and would highly recommend them!

    April 10, 2019
  • Bakery Makery

    Karen and Jared have beautiful, happy and healthy puppies. I was so scared to buy a puppy online and probably seemed a bit paranoid, but they are a legitimate breeder with quality puppies and customer service. When Sir Nico arrived, he was 10x cuter than what any photo could capture; he exceeded my expectations, by far. We will definitely be getting another Biewer from them because now we are addicted.

    March 27, 2019
  • Dawn Chisholm

    We love our Lola who we purchased from Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. She has a lovely temperament, is in good health, and has been a beautiful addition to our family. Karen was very responsive to all of my questions and concerns during the purchase process, and I continue to use their website as a resource due to the high amount of information they provide. I highly recommend this breeder if you are looking to purchase a Biewer!

    March 14, 2019
  • Chelsea Roberts

    We cannot be more pleased with our little guy Sir Vance. Karen & Jared were so nice and welcoming when we went to their beautiful home to meet them and our new family member. We were able to play with some of the adult Biewers and they were all very clean and very well cared for. Our little guy was very well adjusted. You can tell without a doubt that both Karen & Jared give the best care to their babies and truly love what they do!

    February 15, 2019
  • Helen Baumeister

    The absolute preeminent Biewer Terrier breeders. We own two and our son owns one. Puppies arrived in beautiful condition – healthy, groomed, calm, well-adjusted, and with all the detailed information one needs to be a great puppy parent. Easy communication with owners/breeders Karen and Jared. Added bonus is the wonderful, caring friends we've made with other RMBT owners. It's a joy and a benefit to be part of the RMBT family. You'll find it a challenge to choose just one. They are all adorable.

    February 9, 2019
  • Peggy Young

    Buying a puppy today is very stressful, especially choosing it and putting a deposit on one sight unseen. There are a lot of scammers and bad breeders out there. I did a lot of research online including visiting a home with puppies that had come from this breeder. It was obvious to me that this breeder was a good one. Once I made my decision I worked with Karen closely. I told her what I wanted, what I was looking for and she picked the perfect puppy for me! During the process she sent me videos and photos and kept me updated. She also sent me valuable information to help me with my puppy once he was home. I couldn't be more happy! I highly recommend this breeder! I can't believe this beautiful puppy is mine!

    February 8, 2019
  • James Crafton

    Where do I begin?? Such a pleasure working with Jared and Karen! The communication was excellent, the periodic videos sent of our fur baby while we waited till she was available were so appreciated, and we are so happy with our little Frankie. They clearly care dearly for these puppies and were super helpful throughout the whole process. We feel lucky to have discovered RMBT and would recommend them wholeheartedly!

    January 3, 2019
  • Katie Burke

    We have had very good experiences with Karen and Jared. We have three Biewers from them. The dogs are outstanding. The facilities are top drawer. The knowledge and experience of these well loved and very well kept dogs is obvious in the affectionate gentle nature of the puppies. Very healthy chubby and relaxed-cared for dogs . Karen has remained a wealth of support and teaching for us over the years and that is rare. She is meticulous in her records and pedigrees. Highly recommended!

    January 3, 2019
  • Dr. Sarah Skudin Evans

    Very responsive, kind, knowledgeable, and take great care of their puppies. Our puppy from RMBT is energetic, loving, and a great companion.

    January 1, 2019
  • LaVon Euler

    We are now the proud parents of not one, but THREE, Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers we've driven from Indiana to Colorado to get each time! I can't say enough wonderful things about Jared & Karen & their Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. They have a beautiful, spotless home in Dolores, CO, where the dogs spend their days romping, exercising & enjoying the sunshine & fresh mountain air in the huge fenced-in play area behind their home (when weather permits). They have doggie doors that are always open so the dogs can go in and out as they please. I could watch them all day! They even have wooden log dog houses in the back as playhouses for the dogs. The dogs run in and out and some even take naps in them when the weather is good. Each log dog house has a large heat pad, connected to a doggy safe outlet. Now that's living!! When they're inside, each dog has its own little bed or crate & seeing them all lined up is so cute!! These dogs eat better, live better & are groomed better than most people I know! I actually felt bad when we left there with our first dog, knowing I was taking her away from such a wonderful home, which is completely the opposite from what I've felt with the dogs we've got in the past from other breeders. Karen even gave us a ziplock bag full of shredded boiled chicken because that's what our dog liked for a snack. It is so much fun seeing all the RMBT dogs in person…and yes, they're just as beautiful in person as what you see on their website & Facebook page. Each dog has its own unique colorations, markings & personality, yet they're all beautiful, healthy, well cared for & well socialized. This time we were there, we got to see all the puppies (except the newborns) and they were gorgeous! Their new Mommies & Daddies are going to be over the moon happy when they meet them for the first time!! We got our first little girl from RMBT in December 2015, went back in March 2016 for our little boy & back again a week ago for our 2nd little girl. All 3 of our dogs are beautiful, healthy & well socialized & handled the long, several days' road trip from CO to IN like champs. No whining, no crying, no car sickness…they adapted instantly & felt like they'd been a part of our family forever! I've become friends with some other "parents" of RMBT dogs & they too are so pleased with their "babies" & the experience they had with RMBT that they wouldn't dream of getting another Biewer Terrier anywhere else. Karen's always great about answering any questions I've ever had & always returns my texts or calls, even over a year later. The Hansens are an amazing, hard-working young family who have put so much into establishing their kennel & producing dogs of excellent quality that maintain the highest of breed standards. Their dogs are all DNA tested, vet checked & microchipped and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Biewer Terrier. I know I'd never consider going anywhere else.

    December 12, 2018
  • Susan Falsetti

    We purchased our puppy in December 2016. Karen was great to work with, she sent pictures and videos to keep us updated until we were ready for him. He flew cross country with no issues and received a clean bill of Heath from our vet. He was pad trained when he arrived. He's been with us 4 months now & has adjusted very well. Great experience & I wouldn't hesitate to buy another puppy from Karen & Jared!

    November 7, 2018
  • Fanyi Geng

    I just bought a puppy called Ulyana from Karen. She is cutest puppy in the world, and so smart. And They have good customer service, they are always willing to answer all of my questions. Furthermore, they are very professional! Strongly recommend this breeder!

    October 25, 2018
  • Amanda Seitzer

    I adore the little girl I purchased from Rmbt. Purchasing process was straight forward and my puppy arrived In great condition. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a biewer to come to Rmbt!

    October 11, 2018
  • Michael Webb

    We could not be more happy and in love with our puppy Rigby.
    He is everything and more than we expected from the breed.
    Karen and Jared made our experience very easy and simple.
    My wife and I are so impressed that we will most likely be purchasing another of these wonderful puppies from Rocky Mountain Biewers.

    September 17, 2018
  • Sylvia Bolanos

    We could not ask for a better puppy. Ms. Jolene is very well socialized thanks to Karen and Jared's work When visiting the vet for the first time, she commented what a beautiful puppy I had purchased with excellent health. I would definitely recommend Karen when purchasing a Biewer Terrier. We love our Jolene and probably next year we will want a little boy. Highly recommend Karen and Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers.

    September 3, 2018
  • Julie Larsen

    Jared and Karen have the cutest puppies and dogs I have ever seen! They are such amazing people always willing to help anyway they can. I have bought a few puppies from them and I couldn't be more happy! They were super happy, well socialized and absolutely beautiful. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a Biewer Terrier.

    August 29, 2018
  • Aspen Clement

    We got the most adorable dog from them. They are easy to work with and we picked up a wonderful healthy puppy. Will refer them to friends and work with them again. Our dog Banjo is already a part of the family. They were truthful about everything they told us.

    August 16, 2018
  • Jessie Peralta

    We have had our 2nd Rocky Mountain beiwer puppy for almost a month now and he is just perfect. We got our first baby girl last year from Karen and she's just lovely, after loosing my 12 year old yorkie who was my baby we decided to add another beiwer to our family and after being picky and asking question after question, Karen found us the perfect little big sir gunner now armor. He is has over exceeded our expectations completely. I was nervous never having a boy dog before and I'm so in love now. I would never purchase a beiwer terrior from anywhere else.
    After having 2 of Rocky Mountains puppies now I know their quality is top notch. I would only recomend puppies from them %100

    July 27, 2018
  • Bernice Singleton

    Our son lives two doors down from the Hansons and while we were visiting him at Christmas, found out about the Biewer Breed. We had raised a Yorkie and lost her two years ago. I knew very little about this breed. We talked to the Hansons and made an appointment to visit their home and see available puppies. We were very impressed with the Hansons. We sat on their sofa for quite awhile while we checked out the puppies.We fell in love with one and had her completely checked by a local vet before we purchased her. She was very healthy so we flew home to Florida with her. We took her to our vet and they said she was very healthy and her joints were very good. We couldn't be happier with our little girl, Gabby. She gets along great with adults and children. She's extremely playful and is so much fun to watch. Any time we have questions on grooming or training, the Hansons are very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this breeder for purchasing a Biewer Terrier!

    July 6, 2018
  • Melinda Beasley Northrup

    Karen and Jared are wonderful!! They worked with me so I could drive to Colorado to pick up my puppy!! I drove right to the front door of their house and saw with my own eyes the beautiful property! They welcomed us into their home where I saw the puppies running around in their enclosed kitchen. The house was clean. The puppies were happy. I couldn't be more pleased with my baby!! She is very healthy, well balanced and beautiful!! This is a huge change as I have spent the last 30 years rescuing dogs including puppy mill dogs. I'm used to having illnesses, behaviour problems and deformities. To have two different independent vets tell me how healthy my puppy is, is wonderful!! Thank you Karen and Jared!!

    June 21, 2018
  • Karen Winters

    When looking for another companion after losing my yorkie, I found Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. I am a breeder of show/performance standard poodles, so I was happy to find a fellow breeder that cared for their dogs. I decided on a Brio Yorkie, named Aspen and couldn't be happier! He has a solid temperament, loving and fun filled! Exactly what I hoped for in my companion.
    Karen was wonderful in her communication and follow up. Aspen arrived via United and was well groomed and I could tell had been raised with care. He has adjusted quickly to house full of Standard Poodles after being with only small animals. This shows a dog that has confidence and it's a credit to how he was raised!
    Thank you Karen and Jared for my precious Aspen!

    June 5, 2018
  • Linda Wejnert

    My experience was very satisfying from beginning to end. As with most people buying on the internet, I was cautious. I spoke with Karen at length, probably about 1 1/2 hours before I put a deposit on my puppy. Karen was most helpful and forthcoming in sharing her knowledge and experience. Candidly, my biggest fear was that the pictures were of show dogs and that my puppy would not look like the pictures. I asked Karen upfront if that's the puppy I would be getting that I saw.. I remember she giggled and said no one has ever returned a puppy because it didn't look like the picture. Karen is genuine. She recommended the right food, the right vitamins because they CARE! This breeder isn't someone who's only interested in the sale. I fell in love with my puppy. She's gorgeous and when I took her to my vet for new puppy exam, he said she was an excellent specimen of her breed and in perfect health. I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers breeder. I bought Giselle and she is beautiful, wonderful temperament, and a lovable puppy. I'm thrilled with Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. If I decide to give Giselle a sister, I will buy from Karen and Jared again, without hesitation. Linda

    May 19, 2018
  • Jeani Smith

    I absolutely love my baby Sydney! She is amazing and you can tell she comes from a quality breeder. My puppy is intelligent, we'll socialized, and very sweet…I couldn't ask for more. Jared and his wife are very professional and caring people, and I would definitely buy another puppy from Rocky Mountain Biewer terriers !__

    May 14, 2018
  • Kathryn Melanson

    We own two Biewers and two Yorkies, have for many years, so always research thoroughly and very familiar with some of the best breeders. From the start, the Rocky Mountain Biewer site was impressive…selection, description and our request for additional photos and videos was immediately granted. In addition, insight to the dogs personality and energy, given the new puppy would have a "dog family" already in place to fit into, we were very much counting on any information we could get. We received, we felt honest appraisal of the pups personality, appearance, and it was tremendously helpful in selecting the pup that would best fit in with our lively lifestyle and the much-loved pups we already have. In addition, while describing to Karen, the very active traveling lifestyle and 'business' life the dogs live (office travel daily in addition to plane travel etc), she was terrific at describing just which pup would be best.
    The vet connection Karen provided, with a portal and very complete medical report was not only very professional, but very complete.
    The result of our Biewer flying all day on 3 flights, and still arriving happy, gave further support