Luxating Patella Certificates

Luxating patellas, also known as patellar luxation, is a medical condition that affects the kneecap of dogs. In dogs with patellar luxation, the kneecap can dislocate from its normal position, causing pain and difficulty walking.

This condition is particularly common in small and toy breed dogs, as they may have a shallow groove in the thigh bone that the kneecap sits in, or their muscles and ligaments may be too weak to hold the kneecap in place.

What is OFA Luxating Patella Certification?

The OFA patella certification is a screening process that evaluates the health of a dog’s kneecaps. The certification involves a physical examination by a veterinarian, who will assess the dog’s kneecaps for stability and movement. The veterinarian will assign a grade of normal, borderline, or affected based on the exam.

Luxating Patella testingĀ is important for breeders, as it can help identify dogs that may be at risk for kneecap luxation and allow breeders to make informed decisions about breeding practices to reduce the incidence of the condition in their breeding lines.

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