Teacup Biewer Terrier Puppy – If you love Biewer Terriers

If you love the Biewer Terriers, please do not go online and search for Teacup Biewer Terrier Puppies! There is no such thing!  Please, just get a real Biewer! One that can fetch the ball for you, sleep in your bed, and play with the kids and grandkids.

Every litter of Biewer Puppies usually has a runt. A runt is just the smallest and weakest puppy in the litter. Sometimes there is no runt and sometimes there are even 2 runts. Runts are pups with bad implantation sites. They are puppies who had poor placentation. They are not weak because they were conceived last or happened to be positioned in the middle of the uterus, they just had the very bad luck of having a poor implantation site while the littermates had a better one.

teacup biewer
Runts are not premature puppies, they are just puppies who had a poor implantation site in the uterus, just as large puppies are not overdue pups, but simply pups who had a great implantation site. Since runts are smaller or weaker than the rest of the puppies, they have several disadvantages, but one of the main disadvantages is that the runt has a harder time competing for the milk that their mother dog provides them. The other pups or puppies are stronger than the runt, so the runt has a hard time getting its nutrition from the mother.
Another disadvantage for the runt is that sometimes the runt is ignored by the mother because she detects the puppy is small or weak and naturally tends to focus on the healthier pups. This is a form of natural selection so only the strong ones survive.
Of course, we won’t let that happen here at Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. Our runts are getting supplemented and extra pampered. Some of them catch up quickly reach their littermates size in just a few weeks, and others just stay really small and won’t usually leave our home until they are at least 6 months old.

The sad truth is that Teacup Biewer Breeders keep and use those poor little runts, to produce more tiny Teacup Biewer Babies!
There are really awful practices to produce teacup puppies. (reduce growth by starvation, reduce growth by limiting space in tiny cages, etc.) Those puppies will have health issues and by searching for “Teacup Puppies” you support those practices and cause a demand for them.

Here are some issues you should bee aware of before deciding for a tiny one:
The very small ones usually have terrible teeth. They do not lose their baby teeth and grow 2 full sets of teeth (shark teeth). Those retained teeth have to get removed as soon as possible because food gets stuck in between them, the gums get infected and your tiny pup will soon suffer dental disease which affects the liver. They have very bad-smelling breath and also start losing adult teeth at a very young age. It is very risky to have a tiny one put under anesthesia for a dental!
Teacups need different diets. They will not thrive with just a bowl of dog food. You have to be aware at all times what and when your teacup dog ate. You cannot leave it at home and go to work. If it did not feel well for breakfast and didn’t eat, then it might be hypoglycemic by noon and maybe not even alife by the time you come home from work.
The very small ones cannot get on or off the bed, some can’t climb the stairs in your home. You can’t have them sleep with you because you might accidentally lay on the pup. The tiny dogs can get seriously injured if visitors or children step on them. Teacups do not do well playing with other dogs, as they can get run over and get hurt badly.

We do not offer or breed Teacup Biewer Terriers and we never will!
All our breeding females weigh at least 6 lbs. We do not ever breed a female under 6 lb.
If we feel that one of our Biewer Puppies does not reach the minimum standard size of 4 lb., we usually advertise them as “Mini Biewer” to indicate the small size.

Please get a real Biewer! One that can fetch the ball for you, one that can sleep in your bed and play with the kids and grandkids.

Thank you,


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  1. I love your thoughts on having the healthy size biewer.
    Where are you located?
    What do your fur babies cost?

  2. I haven’t navigated through the different links recently, but I have to say now that seeing the video that you filmed of the different puppy rooms and reading the commentary describing the fastidious practices that are a daily routine is awe inspiring. I am particularly impressed with the materials that are used and the level of detail mentioned in the care of the puppies and mommies! As you know I am a repeat customer and I still believe what I believed a little over 5 years ago when I purchased Giselle…which is you have the best quality and most beautiful Biewers available out there.

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