American Biewers

Why are the RMBT Foundation Biewers exclusively imported?

Unlike other American Biewer Terrier breeding programs, the RMBT foundation program is based exclusively on imported lines. All our foundation Biewers have been imported from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, and Latvia. There are many reasons that led us to not include any American bred Biewers to our Breeding program. We […]

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Suggested Best Practices for the Well-Being of Dog Sport Participants

AKC New COVID-19 General Practices

General Practices Clubs, officials, and participants are required to follow state, local, and facility guidelines that apply to the area and site where the event is held. Practice social distancing consistent with guidelines in effect at the time of the event. Avoid congregating to the extent possible. Consider wearing masks […]

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Biewer Terrier Size Chart

Biewer Terrier Size

The average Biewer Terrier Size usually ranges between 4-8 lb in weight and measures 7-11 inches in height at the withers. You can read the full Breed Standard here.

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Biewer Terriers Grooming

Biewer Terrier Grooming for Puppies

Here is a list of our favorite Biewer Terrier Grooming Products that we use on Dogs. The links below will take you to the right products on Amazon. Espana Silk Shampoo, Conditioner & Coat Spray Chris Christensen Shampoo & Conditioner & Coat Spray Chris Christensen Small Oval 16 mm Pinbrush (Soft) and […]

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Biewer Terrier Puppy Shipping Crate

How does the Biewer Puppy Shipping work?

The question we get asked the most is “How does the Biewer Puppy Shipping work?” We ship our Biewer Puppies with United Airlines “PetSafe” out of Durango, CO Airport (DRO). United PetSafe is not just some pet cargo shipping program … it’s not the luggage guys who pull your puppy […]

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Biewers take the stage!

Biewers are now becoming a presence more than ever, in the FSS shows and Miscellaneous classes at AKC shows all over the country. They are getting their time on stage and in the spotlight! I know there are show people who roll their eyes and make fun of the Miscellaneous […]

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AKC Dog Show – A View from the Inside!

(By Harley D) First I must introduce myself as I am new to your country. My official name is VIP Alex Family Harley and I am a 9 months old Biewer Terrier. I arrived from Russia earlier this year and now live in Wisconsin. Everyone calls me Harley D. I […]

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AKC Canine Good Citizen: Being A Good Dog!

By Harley D Harley D here reporting from the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen test in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. This is the most excitement I have had all week! My Mom signed me up to take my Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test this morning and it was almost as exciting […]

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