How to grow a long Biewer Terrier Coat

Maintaining a healthy and full coat on your Biewer Terrier can be quite a task. The breed is known for its long and silky coat that requires regular grooming to keep it in tip-top shape. The Biewer Terrier coat can become easily tangled and matted, especially after a walk outside, and can be prone to broken ends and a fuzzy appearance.

To combat these issues, we have developed a specially formulated Biewer Terrier Coat Oil that is designed to nourish and strengthen the coat, leaving it shiny and smooth. This leave-in oil is not only effective for Biewers but can also be used on other drop-coated dog breeds. The Biewer Terrier Coat Oil comes in a 2 oz. or 4oz. size and is specially formulated for Biewer Terriers but can be used on other drop-coated dog breeds.

Biewer Terrier Coats Oil Instructions

  • Add 3-4 cc of coat oil to 1 quart of very warm water
  • Park it near the sink
  • Shampoo and rinse twice, then condition and rinse your dog
  • Slowly pour coat oil mixture over the coat
  • Towel dry your dog
  • Use a pin brush and brush your dog dry under the Handsfree Blow Dryer
  • Repeat this process once a week

Biewer Terrier Coat

Brush your dog daily with a Soft Pin Brush. Never brush a dry dog! Always spray the coat with a good detangler first.

You can use tiny silicon bands to tie your dog’s hair into ponytails on the sides and back end.
Ponytail bands need to be replaced daily!!! 

Not all Biewers have the same coat texture!

Biewers with a lot of white hair might need more oil than Biewers with a lot of black hair.
If your dog ends up too dry and still fuzzy, use more oil next time. And if your dog’s coat is too oily after 3-4 hours, use less oil next time.

Biewer Terrier Coat

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