Facebook Reviews

I would like you to visit our Facebook Group “Friends of Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers”. The members of this group are real families with real Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. Many of them have visited us here at our place in Dolores, Colorado, once, twice or even four times, to pick up their Biewer Puppy, to look at parents or to just talk about Biewers.
Facebook does not verify if the reviewer is a real customer of the business. Facebook does also not verify if the person reviewing the business is actually a real person. It is very coon for Animal Rights Activists, Animal Shelters, or even competitors to leave fake reviews on Facebook. We have not been using the Facebook Review Feature as much as we would love to as it takes a lot of time and effort to report fake reviews or argue them in court. In addition, anyone can purchase Facebook Reviews online. There are companies that offer Review Packages of up to 100 Reviews (all fake).