Facebook Reviews

The “Friends of Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers” Facebook group is a community of real families who have adopted or are interested in adopting a Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier. Several of the group members have visited the breeder’s home in Dolores, Colorado, to pick up their new puppy, meet the parents, or simply talk about the breed.

While Facebook allows anyone to leave Facebook Reviews on a business page, it does not verify if the reviewer is a genuine customer or even a real person. This can lead to fake Facebook Reviews being posted by individuals with ulterior motives, such as animal rights activists, animal shelters, or competitors. These fake Facebook Reviews can be misleading and damaging to the reputation of a business, especially a small, family-run Kennel like the one featured in the “Friends of Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers” group.

However, the members of our Facebook group can help combat this problem by leaving their own honest and authentic Facebook Reviews of the breeder and their experiences with the Biewer Terrier breed. By sharing their positive experiences with others, group members can help to counteract any false or negative reviews that may be posted by non-customers or individuals with malicious intent.

In addition to leaving Facebook Reviews, group members can also share pictures and stories of their Biewer Terriers, ask questions and receive advice from other Biewer Terrier owners, and stay informed about upcoming litters and events related to the breed. Overall, the “Friends of Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers” group is a valuable resource for those interested in this wonderful breed and responsible breeding practices.

In conclusion, while fake Facebook Reviews reviews can be a problem on Facebook, the members of the “Friends of Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers” group can help to counteract this problem by leaving their own honest and authentic reviews of their experiences with the breed and breeder. The group can also serve as a valuable resource for Biewer Terrier enthusiasts, providing a community for sharing information and experiences related to the breed. So, it’s a great idea to join the group and be a part of the community of Biewer Terrier lovers.


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