Puppy Delivery

There are different ways to get your puppy.

  1. You can schedule an appointment with us and travel directly to our home in Dolores, Colorado to pick up your puppy.
  2. If you are traveling by air, we could meet you at the Cortez, Colorado Airport any day of the week. The airport code is CEZ and the best way to search for affordable flights is here.
    When traveling to meet or pick up your puppy, please make sure you book refundable airline tickets or book flights that allow a flight credit if something doesn’t work out.
    RMBT will not refund any type of travel expenses.
    It doesn’t happen very often and we always try to keep things as planned but it is possible that a travel date changes for several reasons:
    • Sometimes puppies are having a hard time weaning from their mother and just need a couple of weeks longer.
    • The puppy has a reaction to a vaccine and gets sick.
    • The puppy gets vet checked and the vet finds a problem that needs further examination.
    • It turns out your family is not a good fit for our puppy and we cancel the transaction.
    We are not selling shoes on a shelf! Please keep that in mind.
    Thank you!
  3. Since our local airport is very small and doesn’t offer many non-stop destinations, we travel to Denver International Airport with the puppies once a month and you can meet us there. This option might save you another layover or an overnight stay at a hotel. You can review the next dates for the available trips to Denver, CO here.
  4. You can also share the travel expenses with another family from your area and ask them to bring your puppy back with them on their way home. This has worked great in the past and you can review the current travel locations for all pups here. The best way to arrange the delivery for your puppy this way would be to post a request in our Puppy Parent Group on Facebook. You are also welcome to post an offer to bring somebody else’s puppy home with you.
  5. Another way to get your puppy delivered to your nearest major airport would be to hire a Puppy Courier or Puppy Nanny. Our 2nd son Emil is 19 years old and is very familiar with our puppies. He lives very close to Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers and has worked at RMBT since high school. He is available to deliver your puppy to you. You are welcome to use your sky miles for the ticket purchase. You can also split the ticket price with another family. You can text Emil at (970)900-3777 or you can fill out our Travel Request Form.
    Mea Harris also delivers puppies for Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. She owns two of our puppies herself and you can reach her at (435)994-5205 or you can fill out our Travel Request Form.


Utah – Salt Lake City $300
Utah – St. George $350
Colorado – Denver $300
Colorado – Grand Junction $300
Arizona – Phoenix $300
Arizona – Tucson $450
New Mexico – Santa Fe $300
New Mexico – Albuquerque $300
Nevada – Las Vegas $450
Wyoming, Casper $500
Wyoming, Jackson Hole $500
Kansas, Wichita $600
Oklahoma, OK City $600
Oklahoma, Tulsa $700
California, Fresno $800
California, Los Angelos $700
Texas, Dallas $700

Click on the map to see the current puppy travel areas for the next 30 days.

Biewer Puppy Travel Map

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