Biewer Terrier Grooming for Puppies

Here is a list of our favorite Biewer Terrier Grooming Products that we use on Dogs. The links below will take you to the right products on Amazon.

There are additional tools and products for the Adult, and Show Biewer Terrier Grooming that I will write about in another blog post.

Grooming a Puppy for First Time Puppy Parents (Detailed)

Biewer Terriers have a lot of hair, and bathing and grooming can be a weekly procedure, depending on your lifestyle. If your pups sleep in bed with you, you might want to bathe them more frequently. Young puppies get extra messy, especially when they potty. So it is important to check your babe's furry back-end every day before the end of the day. One of the most annoying things is having to bathe your pup late at night and change the sheets at 11:30 PM ...

Biewer Terriers are hypoallergenic. They do not shed, and they do not have fur. Biewers have hair like you and me. The Biewer Terrier Grooming instructions below are meant for the normal Family Pet Biewer. I will be writing a separate guide for Show Pups and Adults.  

Have the little face comb, shampoo, and conditioner ready at the kitchen sink, dog tub, or whatever you use to bathe your pup. Don't forget to grab a towel. Please never leave your pup alone in the sink, running for a towel because you didn't grab one. 

If you bathe your dog in the kitchen sink, make sure nothing can accidentally turn on the disposal. It's ideal to have a safety disposal cover in your kitchen sink. You can also put a washcloth in your sink, so it is less slippery for your pup.

Get your pup all wet and soaked. As long as you don't get water into the nostrils, everything should be fine. Be firm and keep your pup safe in the sink. Whatever you allow this time, will be causing the same problems next time. Your pup is fine; it's just warm water, so if you stay firm, the squirming will stop in a couple of minutes. Keep it in the sink, not on the counter, and not standing up on the edge of the sink. You must get over the squirming phase because you will be doing this a lot and teaching your pup to behave when getting bathed, will make your life much easier and your pup's bath much safer. Biewer Terrier Grooming can be a very relaxing and a lovely hobby if you train your baby right from the start. As your pup grows older, it will love the attention while getting groomed and even fall asleep while you groom. 

Once your pup has calmed down, you can start shampooing and massaging it with lots of love. Make this a nice thing. You can turn off the water for a bit and take your time, sudsing every inch of your pup. Rub the area near the eyes really well so the gunk and boogers will soften up. Your pup will start shaking because it's cold without the warm water, but the massaging with help to relax. Take the little face comb and comb out the facial hair, make sure you get all the boogers and rub and foam it up several times. You can turn on the water just for a few seconds to rinse the face and repeat the shampooing and massaging in the face again. You can also use a baby sponge to scrub the face and a tooth brush to get eye boogers brushed out. Once the face is really clean, you do the exact same thing on your pup's butt. Comb out any little crumbs and suds it up, rinse, and repeat. Once the face and butt are clean, you can get some more warm water on your shaking baby and then start shampooing the four little paws, one by one, then the belly, and at the end the rest of the body. Rinse and then condition everything and rinse again. Rinse really, really well because any leftover soap or conditioner will make the hair look greasy. Wrap your dog into a towel, and rub the face and ears dry first, and then the body. If you have a crate, put the pup with the towel in the crate and point your blow dryer at a safe distance at the crate for about 5-10 minutes. Your pup will rub itself all over the towel and pre-dry. 

There are many different types of grooming tables, starting around $60. We use small ones at shows and hydraulic ones with adjustable heights at home. Depending on your space and budget, even a small, foldable camping table for $20 will work just fine.

Always keep one hand on your puppy. If you walk away from the grooming table, your baby can fall and get badly injured. You can also sit down and keep your puppy in your lap. You can point the blow dryer at your lap and start brushing your baby with the little wire brush under the warm air. Start with the butt, thighs, belly, inside legs, chest, top, and sides, in that order. At the end, you dry and brush the face. Blow drying the face is the hardest part as most puppies do not like the have air blown in their face. They will get used to it though. Be very careful that you do not brush in the eyes. You can also use your fingers instead of the brush. Make sure your puppy is 100% dry and has no wet hair. Check behind the ears, under the chin and the legs, everything should be brushed out and dried.

Before you trim your baby's paws, you should get the toenails trimmed. It is important that you trim those nails on a regular basis because the pink part (quick) will grow longer as the toenail grows longer. If you let it grow too long, you cannot just cut the long toenail off, because you will cut into the quick. The best way to trim the nails is right when you got your baby wrapped in the towel after the bath. Wrap it like a burrito and pull the little paw out and trim the nails, one paw after the next. Hold your pup tight in your armpit. You can turn on your stand or table dryer and hold the paw under the blowing air, so all the little hair gets blown away from the nail, and you can easily see where to cut. Here is another video for you. Please know that your baby's toenails should never get as long as in the video below. We let them grow this long so that they would be seen better in the recording.

Now you take your Bravura Mini Trimmer and clean up your baby's feet. Trimmed paw pads mean less dirt dragged around the house and a better grip when chasing the ball on slippery floors. Here is an excellent video with little Chip, the very behaved Biewer Puppy, showing you how it's done.

Biewer ears are erect and V-shaped. They need to be shaved every few weeks, so the hair doesn't weigh down their ears. Here is another video for you. Please know that the Bravura Mini Trimmer is the only one that we recommend for shaving puppy ears. Other trimmers might have bigger gaps in the blade that would cut into the ear leather. Watch the video a few times before you start. Look at my fingers and how I protect the little ears from the blade.

The Bravura Mini Trimmer also works perfectly for a Sanitary Trim. I do not have a video for that, but basically, you shave the potty areas of your puppy. For a boy, you would shave the area around his penis, about 1-2 inch and a little of the inside of his back legs. You will know the parts to shave because the hair in those areas usually gets peed on and stains. Shaving it off will keep your baby boy dry and clean. The same applies to the girls; their little vulva should be shaved clean so no bacteria can crawl up and cause UTIs or other infections. You don't need to shave the inside legs of a puppy girl, but as the hair grows longer, it helps to keep that area cleaner.

I have never used scissors on our puppies. Young puppies can move suddenly and unexpectedly. I always found scissors to be very dangerous, and I never needed them to groom the pups.

Once your puppy is about five months old, additional steps and tools will be necessary to keep your pup healthy and properly groomed. I will be writing a separate Biewer Terrier Grooming Guide for older puppies and adults as soon as I have some extra time.



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