Breeders make choices before they breed

Breeders make choices before they breed. We look at our dogs, at the dogs that are out in the show ring, at dogs from other breeders, at dogs from around the world, and read and re-read the standard. Then look at those dogs critically in comparison to the standard. Then you make a plan regarding where you want your breeding program to go, what your goals are, determine what genes or lines you need to improve on the dogs you have. Or, in some cases, get different dogs to begin your breeding program. One of those choices is where to get your breeding stock, which pedigrees will assist you in getting to your goals, and which lines you want to avoid. There are many breeders in the USA making these decisions all the time. It is a personal preference and personal goals. The quality of the Biewer in the USA has improved over the years and will continue to do so. The number of Biewer breeders continues to grow. And as new breeders come in they will make their short-term and long-term breeding goals and then acquire the best dogs they can, from wherever they believe will move their goals forward (imports or American bred), and continue to breed dogs to the standard. It comes down to what are your goals and what do you need to do to reach those goals.

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