Mini Biewer Terrier Puppy Boy Sir Dominic


  • Date of Birth: 2/26/2021
  • Current Age: 0 months and 0 days
  • Earliest Flight or Pick up Date: Now
  • Color: Black / White / Gold
  • Return Right: 3 Business Days (at your cost)

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Biewer Puppy Sir Dominic

(Biewer Puppies are born with floppy ears and pink noses. The ears will stand up as they get older and their nose pigment fills in.)

  • If you are interested in Biewer Puppy Sir Dominic, you can select the Deposit Option and pay a $500 deposit to reserve Sir Gunner. A puppy that has been reserved, will not be available for in-person or online visitors. Deposits are not refundable.
  • You will receive a text message with detailed information about the purchase process. You will also receive instructions to guide you through all the steps prior to your puppy’s travel date, including the contract, payment, food, and treats, traveling, vet visit, AKC registration, spay, and neuter, etc.
  • Please join our Puppy Parent Group on Facebook. This group is for all our Puppy Parents and their families to get in touch with littermate families, to post videos, and photos, ask questions about Food, Grooming, Fashion, Puppy Strollers, Cameras, Treats, Veterinarians, Spay & Neuter, Toys, Beds, Recipes, Traveling, or anything  Biewer related. Our group is also the best way to learn more about puppy delivery at your airport.

Please know that none of our puppies are sold for breeding purposes. We do offer a show contract with possible breeding rights to approved show homes and you can contact us for further info.

General Puppy Info:

  • Your puppy comes with a 10-year health guarantee. All parents are DNA tested for 170+ canine diseases and conditions.  The adults in our breeding program are also DNA tested to be purebred Biewer Terriers.
  • All puppies have been DNA tested to certify which parents they are born from. (Certified DNA Parentage Testing)
  • Once your puppy leaves our home it will usually have received 3 x 6-way (DAPPv + CV) vaccinations and 2 x Bordetella (Bronchicine CAE) vaccines. Your puppy will be properly dewormed and started on heartworm prevention.
  • All our puppies have a Microchip implanted at no extra cost. There is a one-time fee ($25) to register the Micro Chip with your contact information with the American Kennel Club Reunite Program.
  • An AKC limited Registration Certificate (not for breeding) & an AKC Pedigree for your puppy can be purchased here.
  • Due to Covid-19, our Airport does not accept any PetSafe cargo shipments and we are delivering our puppies in person with Flight attendants or Pet Nannies, nationwide. We are currently working with Mea Harris.

Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers is not a Pet Store, we are a family business and all our Biewers live with us. We do not have 2nd jobs and fortunate to be around our dogs 24/7 each day of the week. Our adult and teen children work with our dogs daily. In addition, we have a professional staff of Kennel Techs, Vet Techs, Groomers and House cleaners, and Couriers. We also have middle school children come to play fetch with the dogs in the afternoons. You can watch the Tour through our Home or you can watch hours of live videos in the puppy rooms on our Facebook Page.
You are welcome to visit us here in Dolores, Colorado with an appointment.

Important: Advertised puppies without a picture are available to the families that paid a priority deposit only. With a priority deposit paid, you will get to pick your puppy in the order the deposit was received. If you don’t find your pup in the current litter, your deposit will move up to the next litter. Please send your deposit no later than 6 weeks before the anticipated travel date for your puppy. You can also pick from all available puppies that do have a picture on our website.

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