Does my puppy come vaccinated?

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Once your puppy leaves our home it will usually have received 3 x 6-way (DAPPv + CV) vaccinations (at 6, 8, and 10 weeks) and 1 x Bordetella (Bronchicine CAE) intranasal vaccination (at 4 weeks). Your puppy will be properly dewormed and started on heart-worm prevention as well. We recommend getting 1 more 6-way shot at about 14 weeks of age and the by-law required rabies vaccine at 16 weeks.

Please do not expose your puppy to high traffic areas like gas stations, pet relief areas at the airports, or other possibly contaminated places. Most puppy vaccine manufacturers state that the puppy is not fully protected until all puppy vaccines have been administered.
You will receive a complete electronic vaccination & deworming record once you received your puppy.

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