Is there a puppy contract?

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You can review our puppy contract below. Just click on the pages to zoom in.
If you have already reserved your puppy with a deposit, you can use this link and fill out our puppy contract online. You will need your puppy’s name, gender, color, and birthdate, which can all be found in the Puppy Description on our website.
Please look in the “Reserved Puppies” section to find your puppy’s info, as it won’t be listed as available once you reserved it.
If you reserved a puppy that is not listed on our website, please text us at (970) 882-3299 to request the necessary information for your puppy contract.
Once your contract has been filled out and signed by you, we will get notified automatically. We will sign the contract on our end before your puppy leaves here. Please do not submit a printed copy.


  • Please enter the temporary name that we gave your puppy. (You can add the new name next to it)
  • The purchase price for your puppy is the total price advertised on the website, including any deposits paid.
  • Please do not add any delivery fees when entering the purchase price for your puppy.
  • Please do not enter a PO box address. We need the physical address for the MicroChip Registration.
  • The Micro Chip Number and suggested travel date will be entered by us. You do not need to ask for it at this time.
  • Adobe EchoSign will send you an email to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, we will receive a copy of the contract for signature.

To make Partial Payments of the Final Payment on your puppy, please use the link at the bottom of the website. It says “Make a Payment”. You can manually enter your balance or the amount you wish to pay. Important: If your puppy stays with us longer than the usual 12 weeks, please make sure it is paid 48 hours prior to its 12th week birthday.

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