5 Steps to AKC Registration for your Biewer Terrier

AKC Registration for your Biewer Terrier

The info below is obsolete as the Biewer Terrier has been fully accepted by the American Kennel Club. You can now order AKC Registration Papers and AKC Pedigrees for your Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers here.

How to register your purebred Biewer Terrier with the American Kennel Club (AKC)
whose sire and/or dam (parents) are not recorded in the AKC FSS.

Update: The Mars 4.0 test will also give you a coat color analysis, so it is no longer necessary to have one done with DDC.

1. Order the new MARS 4.0 test here:
http://www.wisdompanel.com for ($84.99)
Follow the instructions and send the test back to MARS.
Wait 2 weeks for the test results to be emailed to you.
If your MARS 3.0 test result states that your dog is a pure Biewer Terrier then follow the next step.

2. Order a Canine DNA Profiling here
https://vetdnacenter.com/dna-tests/canine-dna-testingfor ($38)

3. Order a coat color test for B locus (brown, chocolate, liver) and E Locus (yellow, red) here:

https://vetdnacenter.com/cart/?species=Canine&product=Disease&breedId=18 (for $58)
Wait for the test results to be emailed to you. It doesn’t matter if your Biewer carries the yellow gene or the chocolate gene. The test result for the coat colors has to be mailed to BTRA with the other paperwork.

If you call or email DDC before you place your order, you might get a special offer because you are buying 3 tests. (DNA Profile, D-Locus Test and E-Locus Test) AKC Registration 

If your dog’s MARS test result shows at least 75% Biewer Terrier (only one side of the certificate shows 1 Yorkshire Terrier). (No other breeds are allowed to appear in the test result)  – then you are good to start the BTRA registration process. Once your dog is BTRA registered, it can receive an  AKC Registration.

4. Download the BTRA single-dog application here:
http://www.biewerterrierregistry.com/BTRA_single_dog_registration.pdf and follow the instructions here:
Take some pictures of your Biewer Terrier and email them together with the application an the test results to the BTRA Registry.
If you have received your BTRA Registration Certificate and Pedigree for your purebred Biewer Terrier you are good to start the AKC registration and follow the next step. AKC Registration 

5. Download the AKC Stock Foundation Application here:
And follow the instructions.
AKC will send you your Stock Foundation Registration Certificate.
It’s green instead of purple 🙂 AKC Registration 

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