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Bulletin RKFNo 4 (84), 2009, Official Journal of the Russian Canine Information Federation

Answers to your questions

These are questions we would like to ask you:

1. Is the Biewer being shown in the RKF against other breeds?

By the RKF rules, Biewer (not recognized by FCI) is shown in the 9th CAC group Рcompanion dogs. They can get any awards and participate in Best In Show,  with the officially recognized breeds.
In the CACIB shows (international), the Biewer is shown in the 11th group, as the non- recognized by FCI breed. The Biewer can get CACIB international championship, but can not participate in Best In Show.

2. Does the RKF have the breed listed either as a temporary breed or is it listed as a permanent breed?

RKF recognizes Biewer as an independent, permanent breed. Extract from the Bulletin of the RKF No 5 (91), 2010:

“On the 28th item in the meeting agenda.
DECIDED: assign a status of the National Breed Club within RKF to the “The National Biewer Club”. This decision comes into effect on 19 February 2010. ”

3. Does the RKF register the breed?

Puppies born in Russia from the parents are registered in RKF, and receive standard RKF pedigrees.
If the puppies being sold abroad, then they receive international RKF pedigrees.

To register litter required:
a. at the age of 5 days, photographs should be taken of all puppies placed on a neutral background from above, to show their backs. To prevent possible falsification of papers.

b. at the age of 45-50 days the photos of each puppy is taken – face and from the side. An expert from The Club examines puppies and signs photos for each puppy (separately).

Photographs of 5 days of age attached to the 45-50 days of age. Plus the list describing the total quantity of puppies in the litter, their names, numbers of microchips or tattoos, also “the mating contract”, parents’ pedigrees and all winners certificates. All these papers and photographs submitted to RKF. Based on these photos and documents the puppy has a rights to receive “puppy card”.

c. When the puppy is about 6 months old and has all permanent teeth, he/she is taken to the show, where the expert from RKF examine puppy and makes full description- color, the color of the head and body, scissor-bite and cutters 6×6. Look at the quality of the coat and movement. If everything corresponds to standard, then the expert signed the puppy’s description and photo (face and side view). This signed description is the bases to obtain an official pedigree.

If the puppy has shortcomings in the teeth, color, etc., he also has the right to receive the pedigree, but marked “not for breeding use”.

Only Biewer to Biewer breeding is allowed.

4. By what full name is the breed being shown under?

When I first brought the dogs in Russia and tried to register them with the RKF,
the full name was “Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. …”. But the Russian National Club Yorkshire Terrier wrote a complaint to the RKF and asked not to register Biewer altogether. They were afraid that the Biewer owners will spoil Yorkshire Terrier by breeding Biewer to Yorkshire Terriers! As I mentioned, only Biewer to Biewer breeding is allowed- that was one of the first conditions to be recognized as the breed by RKF. Breeding with other breeds, including Yorkshire terrier is strictly prohibited.

The puppies from Biewer and Yorkshire Terriers can not get a pedigree in Russia. Imported and brought to Russia dogs can not join RKF if one of their parents is Yorkshire Terrier. And puppies from these dogs also can not be registered and get pedigrees.

I, myself, is an expert in RKF on dog breeds. I do puppies examinations ( for registration), and I have to say that if all of us, in all countries where Biewer is known, have united and agreed on a single name “Biewer” (without Yorkshire Terrier addition), we would achieve world-wide recognition of the breed. Biewer is not a Yorkshire Terrier, they don’t look like them. Biewer is not a Terrier. Biewer belongs to group 9 by his character and exterior. We could register Biewer with FCI as an independent breed, without making any affiliations with Yorkshire Terriers.

For example, Russian Black Terrier or East European Sheperd.Int the beginning, they were considered to be a breeding group, and now recognized as the independent breeds. I believe that we have to move away from mixing Biewer with Yorkshire terrier, to achieve good and sustainable livestock of Biewer. To get dogs with one phenotype, and then we can say that we have achieved the purity of the breed.

We have to reject the puppies that have remnants of tan on the body.

Consider Biewer only dogs with 3 colored heads.

We can write and speak for a long time, the result will be when we all understand the need for us to have Biewer, the breed, rather than simply “colored dogs”.
That’s my opinion.
Could you please send me your photos, articles on Biewers. Care, feeding and general care. Thank you! Yours Tatyana Zherenkova.

Official documents of the RKF
Information of the status for 2009

From the Minutes No 2/09 of the RKF Board Meeting 03/25/2009

Present were: LV Galiaskarova (RFSS), NE Sedykh (RFLS), NG Kudryavtseva (ASLF), OA Kosarev (OANKOO), Secretary PC RKF V. Yu Belyakov.

HEARD (Agenda):
application by Mrs. Bauzhes EV, Kinology of RKF (dog handlers), and the initiative group for creating NKP (National Breed Club) “Biewer” with a request to petition the Bureau of RKF.

About Registration in VERK RKF pedigrees of dogs (breed “Biewer”), only when the pedigrees correspond to pedigrees from the countries – members of the FCI, which recognized breed “Biewer”, the samples of pedigrees are in the Dog section of RKF;

Ban Kennel Club registration department RKF any pedigree for breed “Biewer” in cases when mother or father of the dog has a color(ing) of Yorkshire Terrier;

prohibiting the issuance of registered pedigree dog breed “Biewer”;

that all “Biewer” breeders are required to provide a kennel department RKF with a photograph of the litter at the age of 27 days as a supplement to the application for registration of this litter.

Pedigree RKF dog breed “Biewer” is issued at the age of no earlier than 6 months based on the metric puppy standard sample RKF, description of RKF expert on the breed detailing all the features of color pigment, and hallmarks, as well as photo of the head (front and a stacking position from two sides) .


agree with the applicants on all counts. Apply to the Bureau of RKF.

LV Galiaskarova, chairman of the tribal committee VY Belyakov, secretary of the tribal committee RKF

Extract from the Minutes No 6-09 meeting of the Commission on Standards of RKF 02/11/2009

Present: Chairman V.P. Ivanisheva, committee members S. Druzhinina, I.V. Shvets, E. Krutsenko gave authorization to the IV Shvets.
HEARD: an initiative group to re-apply for recognition within the country breed “Biewer”. RESOLVED:

Apply to the Bureau of RKF on the recognition of breed “Biewer” at RKF and take it to the 9th FCI group
Publish the breed standard at the official site of RKF
To coordinate with RKF tribal commission the recognition of pedigrees and registration papers for the breed “Biewer”To coordinate with the exhibition committee RKF issues of access to the ring and assign titles to dogs breed “Biewer”
V.P. Ivanisheva, chairman of the committee on standards


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