How to register your Biewer Terrier with AKC

This process has become much easier in 2019.

  1. If you are planning to import a Biewer Terrier from another country, please ask the breeder or seller about the pedigree. It is important that the pup will have a pedigree that is issued by one of the registries listed here on the AKC website. As of right now, there are not too many countries that issue pedigrees for Biewer Terriers. As of February 2019 the AKC accepts pedigrees from Russia (RKF),  Ukraine (UKU), Belarus (BCU), South Africa (KUSA), Brazil (BKC), The Bahamas (CBKC), Bolivia (KCB), Lithuania (LKD) and the Nordic Kennel Union (NKU) ~ (DKK) (NKK) (FKK) (SKK) (HRFI), Latvia (LKF), Slovakia (SKJ), Hungary (MEYE)
  2. If you have verified that your Biewer Terrier has an accepted pedigree, you can download the AKC FSS Dog Registration Application here Just follow the instructions on the form and mail it all to AKC.
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