Puppy Airport Delivery March 5th, 2022

Yesterday, Jared and I left our home with 10 sleepy puppies at 5 AM in the morning and headed to the Cortez, CO Airport. It was snowing but not much and the flight tracker showed that the plane was already parked at the Airport so we should be just fine. We were a little nervous about taking 10 puppies on a little 8 seat Airplane. We had booked 4 tickets, so we would have extra space for our extra-large pet carriers.

Pepe, Scotty, Miles, and Paisley were the 4 bigger puppies and they went into Jared’s pet carrier. Nadia, Nellie, Nico, Nemo, Romeo, and Oscar were the smaller ones and they went into my carrier. Cortez Airport is very small. It feels like you walked into a little office, not really like an Airport. It was still dark and freezing cold outside so we hurried and wheeled our carriers into the check-in area. The puppy nanny Mea Harris flies out of Cortez a lot and the Airport staff knows about our puppies.

There were only 3 other passengers the check-in was fast and easy. The security area is basically at the other end of the room. and I carried 5 puppies and Jared carried 5 puppies so TSA could run the carriers through their machine. Everything was good. We boarded the plane, put our carriers on the seat, and the puppies moved around for a couple of minutes until everyone was comfortable and to sleep. The flight is only an hour long and while the sun was rising, we were getting ready to land.

Oscar’s mom had just landed a few gates further down the Terminal so we met at her gate before we went to set up our Puppy Camp at Baggage Claim 6.

To be continued …

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