Biewers take the stage!

Biewers are now becoming a presence more than ever, in the FSS shows and Miscellaneous classes at AKC shows all over the country. They are getting their time on stage and in the spotlight!
I know there are show people who roll their eyes and make fun of the Miscellaneous breeds showing and bragging about their wins. I have heard them and seen them. They say it’s not a real show because there isn’t a lot of competition and the points earned don’t even get you a champion title, just a Certificate of Merit suffix. We know that! BUT …
Our goal is to promote the Biewer Terrier breed, to give them their time on stage in the ring and in the spotlight! Exhibiting them gives the breed exposure to a wider audience and showcases these beautiful, friendly, happy little dogs as the up and coming stars they are! And when they do win, it is only right to brag and encourage others to come out and show their little Biewers too. It will be a great day to see the ring filled with Biewers of all ages at all the shows.
So while there are some dog show exhibitors who don’t take the exhibiting of Miscellaneous breeds seriously, or even as a real thing, we need to keep the larger picture in mind. The Miscellaneous breeds are not taking anything away from the show or any other exhibitors.

Biewers are here to stay and will soon be in the Toy Group ring!

Instead of mocking and making depreciating comments, we need to take a lesson from our junior handlers. The junior-dog teams work very hard to do their best, learn from others, and support each other. They openly accept new juniors, help them and offer advice and support. They are truly a team in this sport and take the dogs in the ring to compete and have fun! And when you match up a junior handler with a friendly, happy Biewer, you have a winning combination every time!

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