Here is a success story about the UC Davis Diversity Study

by Nancy E. Gessner

I am a “new” breeder- not having the experience that some breedes have. I got my first Biewer in 2007 and have been flying by the seat of my pants ever since. To be a “good” breeder there is so much to learn (you never, never learn it all-breed) So I learn as I go- I have some really good mentors, everyone needs them. You build your knowledge layer after layer of your mistakes all the while dealing and loving these precious little dogs. So I made the pledge that I would/wanted to improve the breed, producing the healthiest, best temperament, best conformation, prettiest etc. etc. etc. I constantly read and watch for what is best for my dogs. I have learned the hard way to question constantly the why behind any test, brand, procedure or whatever. I do not take for granted to believe every word or recommendation that I hear. Have had too many mistakes that way.

Yes, I did the Mars test. Realized I know my dog’s breed already and did not need that verified. What I wanted to know was can I do better than I was doing. I was encouraged to enter my dogs into the UC Davis Diversity program,
which would give me so much more information. I did just that and when I got the results I was excited and overwhelmed. I could comprehend part of it but then trying to apply it to my dogs I just could not connect. The numbers just did not connect to the big scientific words. The way I saw it– I have this watermelon– I know it is green – I know it is big- I know where it came from– I know it is a fruit- I know it grows on a vine–I know there is a variety of them.
Then I entered all my dogs into the BetterBred program. And that cut open the watermelon!!!!!

HOLY GEEEEZZZZ!!!!! That gave me a picture of the whole watermelon, the color inside and out, the wonderful smell, how many seeds, how sweet it was, and the taste. I now have the opportunity to learn as much or as little as I please… No pressure!!!! I don’t begin to know all of it yet but have this wonderful group to explain what this means and how it affects me. I can use it or not, my choice!!! I see my dogs in a different light. Have a better understanding. I got so excited to learn about each one as individuals. To see their potential and what is best for their future. What I need for each one to improve on what they are. How best to utilize what I have. Now I am more curious to see what the litters look like– how their numbers fall. To see if I can really make a difference.
The best part is they are collecting even more information on the dogs to specifically ID the issues with the Biewers— Well they will have to explain that to you. Yes, this will take time but the more we learn the healthier the breed.
The BetterBred program explains 3 important numbers that help right off to understand what you have. OI-AGR-IR- I may even rename my dogs by their numbers —LOLOLOLOL
You say—–You know what you have- you can read your pedigrees– you know how much you paid for each dog–You understand their coefficient #– you know what you produce— you know quality when you see it- Take the blinders off!!!…/…/GeneticDiversityInBiewer.php

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