Knotless Hair Wrap – The better Hair Tie for your Biewer Terrier



The little silicon bands or soft ties have always been the best way to tie the top knot on the Biewer Terriers. But each time we pull or even cut the silicon band out, some hair breaks or is tangled in the hair tie. It hurts our pups to get it out and after a while, the top knot hair doesn’t look good anymore. It is broken, fuzzy and the top knot gets thinner and thinner over time. But that is now old! We found something that is much better!

The Knotless Hair Wrap is a much better product to tie the top knot. It’s a self-fusing silicone tape. It does not stick to anything but to itself. It doesn’t need any glue or sticky adhesive. The Knotless Hair Wrap won’t stick to hair and hair won’t stick to it either. No hair will break and it won’t make a knot or tangle around the wrap. It comes on little rolls in many colors. Each roll has a 5′ long silicon tape and costs $9.99 here. You can cut it into short little pieces, usually around 1 inch long. You just stretch it and wrap it around the topknot. With all the available colors, it really becomes a doggy hair fashion accessory. You can combine colors, for example, Orange & Black for Haloween. You can also pull the tape through a hair bow and wrap the bow around the topknot with the tape.
The Knotless Hair Wrap lasts a whole week. It will stay tight and clean. We tested it on our dogs and find it so much better than any other hair tie we have ever used in the past. The Knotless Hair Wrap does not damage the hair and it lasts way longer than any other hair tie.
It takes a little practice to wrap it nice and tight around the top knot, but it is totally worth it. We will be making a “How to Video” for you soon. Meanwhile get some fun colors of the Knotless Hair Wrap and test it yourself.

Knotless Hair Wrap Clear Color

Knotless Hair Wrap Clear Color

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