Meal Delivery for your Biewer Terrier

We tested these 4 Meal Delivery Services for our Biewer Terriers.

We were really busy with the preparations for the 2022 Biewer Terrier Get Together in Colorado and did not have enough time to pre-cook the usual meals for our dogs for that week, and ordered a big load of  The Farmers Dog instead. The dogs loved it and at $1.39 per meal, it is actually not that expensive.
We tested 3 other brands as well: NomNom, Ollie, and Spot & Tango, and put a summary together for you below. All 4 meal services use human-grade meats & veggies.


We tested 4 Meal Delivery brands for you and calculated the cost based on a 7 lb. Biewer Terrier

The price can carry a tiny bit based on your answers to the questionnaire because some of the meals are formulated based on sex, weight, spayed or not, skinny or overweight, activity level, health issues, allergies, etc. The meal sizes are calculated for 2 meals per day.


The Farmer's Dog



Nom Nom






Spot & Tango



We received special deals from each company for our puppy parents.

Up to 60% off your first 2 weeks supply. That makes $15.60 for a whole week of freshly cooked Farmer's Dog meals for your 7 lb Biewer Terrier or less for smaller companions. There are also some tricks on how to get another discount after the 2 weeks-trial-period is over.

Meal Delivery Farmers Dog
Meal Delivery Nom Nom
Meal Delivery Ollie

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