Why are puppy deposits non-refundable?

Non-Refundable Deposits for Puppy Purchases

Puppy deposits are generally non-refundable to commit both parties—RMBT and the potential puppy parent—to a future transaction. Here are some of the main reasons why we have a non-refundable deposit policy:

  1. Commitment: A deposit ensures that the prospective buyer is serious about purchasing a puppy from RMBT and won’t back out at the last minute, leaving RMBT with a puppy that needs to be re-homed.
  2. Lost Opportunities: Once RMBT takes a deposit, we often turn away other interested parties. If you back out, RMBT has lost the opportunity to offer the puppy to someone else during that time.
  3. Resource Allocation: RMBT invests time, effort, and resources to care for each puppy. This includes vaccinations, food, and socialization, grooming, etc. A deposit helps cover these costs.
  4. Administrative Work: Handling reservations, communicating with potential owners, advertising and and updating records requires administrative work. A deposit compensates for this effort.
  5. Market Norm: It is a standard practice in many industries to require a non-refundable deposit to hold a service or product.
  6. Financial Planning: Breeders often use deposits to plan their finances, including purchasing supplies and covering veterinary costs. Knowing the deposit is non-refundable helps create financial stability.
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