Old Photos and Videos of Werner & Gertrud Biewer

Gertrud Biewer left a box with over 1000 old screen films, a projector and hours of VHS videos behind. She also wrote a note to have a look at them. We hope you enjoy them.

Biewer Terrier

Please, Have a look at the pictures. I could not get it to work - there are some funny ones. From our youth. It was fun and always nice, that’s how I remember it. A little bit of everything. Sincerely, The Dutta "Today is May 29, 1912." On Sept. 23, I got sick. (she meant 2012 of course)

Biewer Terrier

In the 60s' Werner & Gertrud were both Hair Dressers and had a Ladies Hair Salon in Cologne near the famous Cologne Cathedral. Their little apartment was right above the Salon Biewer. The Salon went really well and Werner always said: "When we make our first Million, we will pack up and move to the countryside and buy a house and retire."

Biewer Terrier

Gertrud Biewer's parents were breeders of Wirehaired Dachshunds. They traveled across Europe in their camper. Werner Biewer is on the big photo with the Wirehaired Dachshund Puppies of Gertrud's parents. The 2nd photo shows Gertrud Biewer with her father and the dachshund pups.

Young Gertrud Biewer

We think Mrs. Biewer was really a great character. There is not a picture without a dog on her side. She loved camping over everything and of course horses too. Sometimes she would bring stray dogs home from the campground.

Biewer Yorkies in Hirschfeld

These guys could be the great-grandparents of our Biewers. Look at that awesome doggy ramp!

Biewer Terrier

Werner Biewer was a huge fan of the Citroën DS. He had several models over the years. Werner & Gertrud lived near a military base and when soldiers retuned home, they sometimes left their dogs behind. Gertrud & Werner adopted many of them. Dogs have always been a part in heir live.

Biewer Terrier
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