Is my puppy microchipped?

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All our Biewer Puppies get microchipped when they are about 6-7 weeks old before the first pictures and videos are taken. You will find the chip number in the puppy contract and on the vet report and vaccination records.
If you purchased the Microchip Registration through our website, we will register your puppy with your contact information with AKC Reunite. Otherwise, please go to and register your puppy as soon as you received it. It is required as per the puppy contract to register the microchip.

Can you imagine how it feels if your furkid would get lost? The feeling when your heart sinks …. Where do you start looking? Who do you ask?
It happened several times over the last few years!
The little Biewer Puppy Girl that jumped off the passenger seat at the Target Parking Lot, was reunited with her family in less than 2 hours. They were still looking under all the cars on the parking lot, while her mom received a call from AKC on her cellphone. She was riding around the block with Animal Control. Her chip was registered with AKC.

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