What if I cancel my puppy purchase?

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Most families that reserve a puppy, joined our waiting list and waited until it was their turn to reserve a baby from the ones we had available at the time. It usually takes a lot of communication to get to this point. Once the puppies are old enough, we post videos and weight updates in the Puppy Group on Facebook. Occasionally a family is not happy with their puppy choice anymore, or sometimes personal issues make it impossible to stick with the planned delivery/pick-up schedule and it is in the puppy’s and the family’s best interest to go to a different family at this point. 

So what happens with the deposit?
If for some reason we had to cancel the purchase of your puppy, you will keep your spot on the waiting list with your original deposit date and available puppies will be offered to you. If we feel that you are not a good fit for one of our puppies, we will issue a full refund.
If you cancel the purchase of your puppy for your own reasons, then the cancelation date will be your new deposit date and you will find your name on the waiting list with that date.
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Why can I not keep my original spot on the waiting list?
It is really simple! You got to reserve your puppy, and everyone else is still waiting … so it’s not fair to the waiting families to let you pick another puppy right away. When it was your turn to choose your pup, the families waiting behind you might have also chosen the same pup but they settled with their 2nd or 3rd choice or they didn’t get to reserve one at all yet.
Just look at it from the other side: Imagine tomorrow is the day you get to choose from the available puppies and you really want Puppy Emma, but then 2 families that reserved their puppy last month, do no longer want their puppies and they cancel. Would you want them to get to have the first pick again and possibly reserve Emma? You would then have to wait for the next litter? And can you imagine what Chaos this would cause for us and everyone?

Your deposit is not refundable but we will always apply it to a puppy if you come back for a puppy later.

When traveling to meet or pick up your puppy, please make sure you book refundable airline tickets or book flights that allow a flight credit if something doesn’t work out.
RMBT will not refund any type of travel expenses.
It doesn’t happen very often and we always try to keep things as planned but it is possible that a travel date changes for several reasons:
  • Sometimes puppies are having a hard time weaning from their mother and just need a couple of weeks longer.
  • The puppy has a reaction to a vaccine and gets sick.
  • The puppy gets vet checked and the vet finds a problem that needs further examination.
  • It turns out your family is not a good fit for our puppy and we cancel the transaction.
We are not selling shoes on a shelf! Please keep that in mind.
Thank you!

Important: If you cancel the purchase after your puppy has turned 12 weeks old, your initial deposit will not be applied to a new puppy. Please do not cancel when your puppy is already 12 weeks old and ready to travel. Ask all the questions beforehand or while your puppy is 7-10 weeks old ideally. If you cancel that late, the pup won’t have a home in time. 


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