Priority Deposit for a Biewer Terrier Puppy

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You can use this deposit option to send your deposit payment:

  • to be added to our priority list (waiting list)
  • to reserve a retired adult (not listed)
  • a future puppy from a specific breeding (as discussed)
  • any puppy not listed on the website (as discussed)
  • deposits are not refundable (learn more)
  • Use the “Add to Cart” button for regular credit card payments

The deposit counts as the first payment towards your puppy.


Thank you for your interest in our Biewer puppies! We’re excited to tell you that we have a Priority Waiting List in place to help ensure that everyone who wants a Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier puppy has a fair chance of getting one.

Here are the benefits of joining our Waiting List:

  • Early access: You’ll see videos and pictures of available puppies before they’re shown on our website.
  • Orderly contact: We’ll contact you with puppy offers via text message in the order in which you paid your deposit.
  • Choice flexibility: If you don’t find the perfect puppy in the current litter, you can wait for the next group of puppy videos.

To join our Waiting List, please send us a $500 deposit. This amount also counts as your first payment for the puppy.

Here are a few additional points to keep in mind:

  • Quick response: Please reply promptly to our puppy offers to keep the Waiting List moving. This helps others down the list make their choice too.
  • Variable availability: Sometimes puppies become available sooner if families change plans. Plus, not everyone wants the same type of puppy, so you may find your perfect match quicker than expected.
  • IMPORTANT: If you don’t reply to our puppy offers, we’ll pause sending you new offers, and you could miss out on a great pick.

We hope you’ll join our Priority Waiting List and become a part of the Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier family!

Waiting List for average size Biewer Terrier Puppies, over 5 lb.

Deposit DatePuppy GenderNameStatePreferences
2-16-2022GirlValorie P.FL
8-21-2023GirlKriste L.UT
9-13-2023GirlKris H.TX

Waiting list for smaller-sized Biewer Terrier Puppies, 5 lb. and under.

Deposit DatePuppy GenderNameStatePreferences
3-30-2023GirlRhonda S.IL
6-21-2023GirlSandra V.TX
6-22-2023GirlDeeDee B.AL
7-27-2023GirlCarrie S.AZ
8-13-2023GirlRita S.COchocolate
8-14-2023GirlJoseph B.NY
8-16-2023GirlWanda M.NM
8-30-2023GirlSteven V.CA
8-30-2023BoySean M.FL
9-04-2023GirlWeiwei Q.NY
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  • Nissa Larsen

    RMBT is absolutely the best company I have had the pleasure of working with. They are professional and responsive to any questions and they truly care about the puppies they are raising. We got our first puppy from them in 2020, and he has been the sweetest temperament dog I have ever owned or met! When we decided to get him a companion we didn’t think twice about buying another RMBT. And in January we adopted our girl puppy, Cora. She has also been so sweet and loving and never bites or is aggressive! And the fact that they delivered our pup to us was even more amazing! I can’t express how special these dogs are! We will forever recommend RMBT to anyone who wants a loving, sweet, chill dog. They don’t shed, or cause allergies, they are good with children and other pets, and they don’t bark. They are just the best! Thank you Karen and Jared for all you do to raise these perfect pups!

    April 24, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Kimberly Whitman

    Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers (RMBT) is top-notch. Their communication and organization is exceptional, and it was such a pleasant experience each step of the way. We absolutely love our puppy, and would definitely recommend Karen and Jared and RMBT to everyone.

    April 2, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Alison Freed

    I can’t say enough good things about Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers, and I could go on and on and on about our precious puppy (but you can check him out @Boomer.the.Biewer on Instagram). I initially contacted them and asked if they ever had any extra big puppies. To my surprise Karen responded right away and said she had one available. I asked for a photo, and was absolutely delighted when she sent me a video of him just 10 minutes later. We put our deposit down that same day. We had a month and a half to prepare for his arrival as they do not allow the puppies to leave their home before 12 weeks of age. This is because they value their health over their profits. Their website is so incredibly informative! She has practically every question you could think to ask already answered. She has links to purchase the specific food, treats, and grooming products they use. She also has blog posts that detail how to set up their puppy area, how to groom them, how to feed them, etc. They also have a Facebook page for their puppy parents to connect with each other. I found this especially comforting because I know only a reputable breeder would set up a forum for their clients to share their experiences. Even with all of this information readily available at my fingertips, I still had a couple of questions. Karen was so incredibly responsive every single time I contacted her. One day I was feeling a little blue so I asked if she had any recent photos of our puppy- and she made my day when she sent me another video of him just a few minutes later. Karen checked in with me on Boomer’s last night in their home to make sure we had everything he needed. We utilized Carmella’s services and had him delivered to DIA. He arrived clean, healthy, and happy. These puppies come pre-socialized as they are raised in their home, not in cages. We took him to the vet a few days after his arrival and got a clean bill of health. He is great with our 4 kids and our senior dog. He already knew to use the puppy pads and has done a great job potty training so far. He is so smart and has already picked up a couple of tricks with minimal effort in just a matter of weeks, and he rarely barks (knock on wood). If you are looking for an active, smart, playful puppy to join your family- contact RMBT.

    November 6, 2020
    Verified Review
  • Peggy Young

    Buying a puppy today is very stressful, especially choosing it and putting a deposit on one sight unseen. There are a lot of scammers and bad breeders out there. I did a lot of research online including visiting a home with puppies that had come from this breeder. It was obvious to me that this breeder was a good one. Once I made my decision I worked with Karen closely. I told her what I wanted, what I was looking for and she picked the perfect puppy for me! During the process she sent me videos and photos and kept me updated. She also sent me valuable information to help me with my puppy once he was home. I couldn’t be more happy! I highly recommend this breeder! I can’t believe this beautiful puppy is mine!

    November 4, 2020
    Verified Review
  • Connie Shifflet

    My husband and I have always wanted a Biewer Terrier! We have searched and searched the world wide Internet for a credible Breeder! About 7 weeks ago, we discovered Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers! Our prayers were finally answered! Karen and Jared were AMAZING to deal with! Our dreams were (finally) answered thanks to them! They were kind, friendly, had patience and accommodating for us to get our baby! We LOVE our baby Biewer Terrier “Lexi”! Karen continues to maintain contact with me to ensure our happiness and satisfaction with our new baby “Lexi”! My husband is a 29 year retired police lieutenant with the Sheriffs Office on the South side of Chicago. He is somewhat skeptical, but after dealing with Karen and Jared at Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers, his faith is restored, with dealing with (great) dog breeders! Please feel free to contact Karen or Jared if you want a GREAT Biewer Terrier Breeder! They are AWESOME people to deal with! 🥰

    July 3, 2019
    Verified Review
  • Babs Holtzman

    Today, I want to share an honest, if somewhat long, review about a living breathing thing, a little, less than 3 pound Biewer Terrier Puppy. What is a Biewer Terrier? I had no idea since I did not go looking for one. We had lost our “Little Man”, a Yorkie a few years ago and we were ready to be fur baby parents again. Like so many, I started exporing the internet and somehow I landed on Rocky Mountain Biewer website. I looked at the site, which was impressive but the best part was that this is NOT a puppy mill! Very large, clean facility. No crates, happy puppies playing together. Karen (Karen and Jared are the owners of Rocky Mountain) were interacting with all of them and knew their names. There were ribbons on the wall from shows. We fell in love with “Sir Iseah”. We called and spoke to Karen and she answered all of our questions. We put down our deposit and schedule to fly Sir Iseah to our home. Before Louie came, whenever we had a question we would call and speak to either Karen or Jared and again all question were promptly answered. There website offers lots of info also. My concern was flying, which, they assured me that they had never had a problem. I had already scheduled a veterinarian appointment for our baby for the day after we received him. At the vet, a problem was detected that Karen and Jared’s vet somehow missed. We of course called and they were shocked at our discovery but never once doubted us. A perfect, reputable, honest and caring solution was offered. We have now had our “baby” since December 2017 and he is happy, well socialized and healthy. To deal with the Hansen’s and their professional knowledge of this breed has brought us to a very happy fulfillment in our lives. Karen and Jared are the best. Babs Holtzman

    April 15, 2018
    Verified Review
  • Chelsea Roberts

    We cannot be more pleased with our little guy Sir Vance. Karen & Jared were so nice and welcoming when we went to their beautiful home to meet them and our new family member. We were able to play with some of the adult Biewers and they were all very clean and very well cared for. Our little guy was very well adjusted. You can tell without a doubt that both Karen & Jared give the best care to their babies and truly love what they do!

    September 7, 2017
    Verified Review
  • Aspen Clement

    We got the most adorable dog from them. They are easy to work with and we picked up a wonderful healthy puppy. Will refer them to friends and work with them again. Our dog Banjo is already a part of the family. They were truthful about everything they told us.

    July 12, 2017
    Verified Review
  • Carolina Velasquez.

    Mi experiencia con ROCKY MOUNTAIN Será inolvidable… todo con ellos es fácil y rápido, desde el acceso a su página de internet, la disponibilidad de los cachorros, la facilidad en los métodos de pago, hasta el envío seguro de la nueva mascota…. Si había algo que me preocupara, era el envío desde el criadero hasta miami, y ellos me dieron la certeza de que mi cachorro llegaría sin tropiezos y así fue, con la garantía de poder recibir el cachorro a tiempo y en el aeropuerto más cercano, este venía con alimento y agua a su disposición…. finalmente recibí un hermoso cachorro; hoy es un perro sano y muy feliz, además de su belleza física gracias a la buena herencia genética de sus padres. GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS ROCKY MOUNTAIN POR HACER FELIZ A MI FAMILIA. Con cariño. Carolina Velasquez.

    July 8, 2017
    Verified Review
  • Kathryn Melanson

    we own two Biewers and two Yorkies, have for many years, so always research thoroughly and very familiar with some of the best breeders. From the start, the Rocky Mountain Biewer site was impressive…selection, description and our request for additional photos and videos was immediately granted. In addition, insight to the dogs personality and energy, given the new puppy would have a “dog family” already in place to fit into, we were very much counting on any information we could get. We received, we felt honest appraisal of the pups personality, appearance, and it was tremendously helpful in selecting the pup that would best fit in with our lively lifestyle and the much-loved pups we already have. In addition, while describing to Karen, the very active traveling lifestyle and ‘business’ life the dogs live (office travel daily in addition to plane travel etc), she was terrific at describing just which pup would be best. The vet connection Karen provided, with a portal and very complete medical report was not only very professional, but very complete. The result of our Biewer flying all day on 3 flights, and still arriving happy, gave further support to the personality Karen had described. In less than one week, Mila Tatiana is not only fully house broken, but after three professional trainings, walks on lead, sits and comes from 50 yards away. Karen had described Mila (formerly Miss Nelley) accurately, and she is an absolute adorable, super smart joy! We are picky, and would highly recommend Rocky Mountain Terriers. An excellent experience , and we’ve had good ones previously–RMT was a fabulous choice for us that we are very happy with. Kathryn & Tom Melanson, CT

    May 24, 2017
    Verified Review
  • Jan McMillan

    Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers are the most gorgeous dogs in the U.S. My experience purchasing (2) two of the most beautiful, healthy, well mannered dogs was amazing. Jared and Karen Hansen are raising excellent quality dogs and know how to process the paperwork to make your purchase an effort less experience. I am so pleased to have found Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers to add to my home. Thank you Karen for your quick responses and thank you Jared for taking time to jump through hoops to get my dogs on the same flight. Janice McMillan Canyon Texas

    May 22, 2017
    Verified Review
  • Bernice Singleton

    Our son lives two doors down from the Hansons and while we were visiting him at Christmas, found out about the Biewer Breed. We had raised a Yorkie and lost her two years ago. I knew very little about this breed. We talked to the Hansons and made an appointment to visit their home and see available puppies. We were very impressed with the Hansons. We sat on their sofa for quite awhile while we checked out the puppies.We fell in love with one and had her completely checked by a local vet before we purchased her. She was very healthy so we flew home to Florida with her. We took her to our vet and they said she was very healthy and her joints were very good. We couldn’t be happier with our little girl, Gabby. She gets along great with adults and children. She’s extremely playful and is so much fun to watch. Any time we have questions on grooming or training, the Hansons are very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this breeder for purchasing a Biewer Terrier!

    May 15, 2017
    Verified Review
  • LaVon Euler

    We are now the proud parents of not one, but THREE, Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers we’ve driven from Indiana to Colorado to get each time! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jared & Karen & their Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. They have a beautiful, spotless home in Dolores, CO, where the dogs spend their days romping, exercising & enjoying the sunshine & fresh mountain air in the huge fenced-in play area behind their home (when weather permits). They have doggie doors that are always open so the dogs can go in and out as they please. I could watch them all day! They even have wooden log dog houses in the back as playhouses for the dogs. The dogs run in and out and some even take naps in them when the weather is good. Each log dog house has a large heat pad, connected to a doggy safe outlet. Now that’s living!! When they’re inside, each dog has its own little bed or crate & seeing them all lined up is so cute!! These dogs eat better, live better & are groomed better than most people I know! I actually felt bad when we left there with our first dog, knowing I was taking her away from such a wonderful home, which is completely the opposite from what I’ve felt with the dogs we’ve got in the past from other breeders. Karen even gave us a ziplock bag full of shredded boiled chicken because that’s what our dog liked for a snack. It is so much fun seeing all the RMBT dogs in person…and yes, they’re just as beautiful in person as what you see on their website & Facebook page. Each dog has its own unique colorations, markings & personality, yet they’re all beautiful, healthy, well cared for & well socialized. This time we were there, we got to see all the puppies (except the newborns) and they were gorgeous! Their new Mommies & Daddies are going to be over the moon happy when they meet them for the first time!! We got our first little girl from RMBT in December 2015, went back in March 2016 for our little boy & back again a week ago for our 2nd little girl. All 3 of our dogs are beautiful, healthy & well socialized & handled the long, several days’ road trip from CO to IN like champs. No whining, no crying, no car sickness…they adapted instantly & felt like they’d been a part of our family forever! I’ve become friends with some other “parents” of RMBT dogs & they too are so pleased with their “babies” & the experience they had with RMBT that they wouldn’t dream of getting another Biewer Terrier anywhere else. Karen’s always great about answering any questions I’ve ever had & always returns my texts or calls, even over a year later. The Hansens are an amazing, hard-working young family who have put so much into establishing their kennel & producing dogs of excellent quality that maintain the highest of breed standards. Their dogs are all DNA tested, vet checked & microchipped and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Biewer Terrier. I know I’d never consider going anywhere else.

    May 1, 2017
    Verified Review
  • Susan Falsetti

    We purchased our puppy in December 2016. Karen was great to work with, she sent pictures and videos to keep us updated until we were ready for him. He flew cross country with no issues and received a clean bill of Heath from our vet. He was pad trained when he arrived. He’s been with us 4 months now & has adjusted very well. Great experience & I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another puppy from Karen & Jared!

    April 24, 2017
    Verified Review
  • Melinda Beasley Northrup

    Karen and Jared are wonderful!! They worked with me so I could drive to Colorado to pick up my puppy!! I drove right to the front door of their house and saw with my own eyes the beautiful property! They welcomed us into their home where I saw the puppies running around in their enclosed kitchen. The house was clean. The puppies were happy. I couldn’t be more pleased with my baby!! She is very healthy, well balanced and beautiful!! This is a huge change as I have spent the last 30 years rescuing dogs including puppy mill dogs. I’m used to having illnesses, behaviour problems and deformities. To have two different independent vets tell me how healthy my puppy is, is wonderful!! Thank you Karen and Jared!!

    April 15, 2017
    Verified Review
  • Alyson Ulibarri

    I have bought 2 amazing biewers from Karen and her husband. They are the most amazing dogs I have ever owned. They adapted so well to our home right from the second we brought them home. They are super healthy with such well mannered personalities. I picked up both of my babies directly from Karen’s home and was amazed at how free roaming ALL of her puppies were. You can tell from the minute you drive up that they put so much love and effort into properly hand raising each and every one of them. My husband and I have dealt with many breeders and we were thoroughly impressed at their extensive breeding skills and the amount of love and compassion that goes into every dog. The Hanson’s have definitely perfected raising quality biewers.

    April 15, 2017
    Verified Review
  • Jeani Smith (fefe)

    I absolutely love my baby Sydney! She is amazing and you can tell she comes from a quality breeder. My puppy is intelligent, we’ll socialized, and very sweet…I couldn’t ask for more. Jared and his wife are very professional and caring people, and I would definitely buy another puppy from Rocky Mountain Biewer terriers !🤗

    January 15, 2017
    Verified Review
  • Laura Laurat

    What a pleasure meeting Karen and picking out our new baby! The experience was heartwarming watching puppies running around in a loving atmosphere. So happy with our new addition. Thank you!

    June 8, 2016
    Verified Review
  • Charlotte van Dyck

    About one and a half years ago our family started to look for a puppy. It had been years since our last experience finding a dog. It was my first experience searching online. After 6 months I discovered Biewer Terriers and started to try to educate myself as to this relatively new breed. After browsing through many websites we discovered Rocky Mtn. Biewers and were so impressed with their beautiful dogs. From the first time contacting them to the day our puppy arrived the Hansen’s were professional, organized and a joy to work with. Karen was easy to communicate with whether by phone email or text. Jared and Karen were so helpful through the process, sending everything required (contract, microchip number, health certificate etc.) Everything needed for making the transition comfortable. It was dream come true to have another dog and we are so delighted with our darling Miss Elizabeth (now Misha). Our little mini Biewer is smart, loving loyal and super sweet! Misha is over a year old now and has firmly herself forever in our hearts. We are so grateful to the Hansens for our puppy and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Biewer terrier.

    September 11, 2013
    Verified Review



The best way to contact us is via Text Message. You can text us at (970)882-3299 and we will try to answer you within just a few hours.

Our office voice mail is usually full every morning at 9 AM. Calling our office or emailing is not the best option. We are a family and do not have a team of customer service representatives to forward possible questions. We spend most of the day with our dogs and the puppies and are not able to stay near the phone to answer calls or sit in the office to answer emails.

Other ways to get in touch with us:

We have a Facebook Group called “Friends of Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers
The group is for all our Puppy Parents and their families. You can meet with littermate families or ask questions and get advice about anything Biewer-related.
Food, Grooming, Fashion, Puppy Strollers, Cameras, Treats, Veterinarians, Spay & Neuter, Toys, Beds, Recipes, Traveling, and more. You are welcome to visit the group and learn more about us and our puppies.
Once you put down a deposit for your future puppy, you can join the group and stay updated about your pup’s progress, videos, vet visits, weight updates, etc.

We also have a Facebook Page but since “animal sales” are now banned on Facebook, we are not updating the page very frequently.

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Click here to listen: How can I buy a Biewer Terrier Puppy?

There are different ways to buy a Biewer Puppy through our website. 

You can have a look at the Available Puppies Section here on our website. Any puppy that has a picture showing in the description, and a green flag that says “Available“, is ready to be reserved.  If there is a puppy that you really like, you can reserve it with a deposit. This will make the puppy unavailable for anyone else. Or you can Click here to text us! (970)882-3299 and ask any questions you might have or request additional videos.
If there is a higher demand for our puppies, you might not find any puppies in the “Available Puppies Section”.

buy a Biewer

How to buy a Biewer Terrier Puppy on our website.

Another way to buy a Biewer Puppy is by joining our Priority Waiting List here.

We require a $500 non-refundable deposit to join the waiting list. We take first pictures and videos of our puppies, once they are about 7-8 weeks old. You will receive info, videos, and pictures of our available puppies via text message. If you and another family are interested in the same puppy, then the pay date of the deposit has priority.

Only the puppies that did not get reserved by the families on our waiting list, will eventually be listed on our website for the general public to look at and reserve. The waiting list might appear longer than you wish but not every family on the waiting list is actually ready for a puppy right away. Some want to get a puppy later this year and others might have very specific expectations on the size and color & markings. You can always skip and wait for the next litter without losing your spot in line on the waiting list. The current average waiting period to buy a Biewer Puppy and receive the first videos and pictures of available puppies is currently 3-5 weeks.

Deposit DatePuppy GenderNameStatePreferences
2-16-2022GirlValorie P.FL
8-21-2023GirlKriste L.UT
9-13-2023GirlKris H.TX

In order to buy a Biewer puppy, please send a deposit and join our waiting list, please click here.

Click here to listen: How can I buy a Biewer Terrier Puppy?
To translate “How can I buy a Biewer Terrier Puppy?” to another language, please click here.

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Click here to listen: Do you offer puppy delivery?

There are different ways to get your puppy.

Pick up with an appointment

Ideally, you can schedule an appointment with us. You can travel directly to our home in Dolores, Colorado to pick up your puppy.
We could also meet you at the Cortez, CO Airport on any day of the week. The airport code is CEZ and the best way to search for affordable flights is here.

When traveling to meet or pick up your puppy, please make sure you book refundable airline tickets or book flights that allow a flight credit if something doesn’t work out.
RMBT will not refund any type of travel expenses.
It doesn’t happen very often and we always try to keep things as planned but it is possible that a travel date changes for several reasons:
  • Sometimes puppies are having a hard time weaning from their mother and just need a couple of weeks longer.
  • The puppy has a reaction to a vaccine and gets sick.
  • The puppy gets vet checked and the vet finds a problem that needs further examination.
  • It turns out your family is not a good fit for our puppy and we cancel the transaction.
We are not selling shoes on a shelf! Please keep that in mind.
Thank you!

Charter The Rocky Mountain Biewer Terrier Airplane

We are fortunate to own a small airplane and are happy to deliver your puppy to your nearest regional airport.
One of us will be with your puppy throughout the entire flight.

Flying private has many advantages:

  • Stressfree Travel
  • Privacy, Convenience, and Flexibility
  • Avoid large Airports
  • Depart & land at surrounding small airports
  • Avoid traffic jams and parking chaos
  • No 2-hour early arrival, no Security TSA lines
  • Private lounges and terminals

If you have any questions about this delivery option, please text us at (970)882-3299.

Biewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer TerrierAirport Delivery

Delivery with another Puppy Owner

You can also share the travel expenses with another family from your area and ask them to bring your puppy back with them on their way home. This has worked great in the past and you can review the current travel locations for all pups here. The best way to arrange the delivery for your puppy this way would be by posting a request in our Puppy Parent Group on Facebook. Of course, you are also welcome to post an offer to bring somebody else’s puppy home with you.

Hire a Puppy Delivery Nanny

  1. Another way to get your puppy delivered to your nearest major airport would be hiring a Puppy Courier or Puppy Nanny. Our 2nd son Emil is 19 years old and is very familiar with our puppies. He lives very close to Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers and has worked at RMBT since high school. He is available to deliver your puppy to you. You are welcome to use your sky miles for the ticket purchase. You can also split the ticket price with another family. You can text Emil at (970)900-3777 or you can fill out our Travel Request Form.
    Mea Harris also delivers puppies for Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. She owns two of our puppies herself and you can reach her at (435)994-5205 or you can fill out our Travel Request Form.


5/5 - (1 vote)

Click here to listen: Is there a puppy contract?

You can review our puppy contract below. Just click on the pages to zoom in.
If you have already reserved your puppy with a deposit, you can use this link and fill out our puppy contract online. You will need your puppy’s name, gender, color, and birthdate, which can all be found in the Puppy Description on our website.
Please look in the “Reserved Puppies” section to find your puppy’s info, as it won’t be listed as available once you reserved it.
If you reserved a puppy that is not listed on our website, please text us at (970) 882-3299 to request the necessary information for your puppy contract.
Once your contract has been filled out and signed by you, we will get notified automatically. We will sign the contract on our end before your puppy leaves here. Please do not submit a printed copy.


  • Please enter the temporary name that we gave your puppy. (You can add the new name next to it)
  • The purchase price for your puppy is the total price advertised on the website, including any deposits paid.
  • Please do not add any delivery fees when entering the purchase price for your puppy.
  • Please do not enter a PO box address. We need the physical address for the MicroChip Registration.
  • The Micro Chip Number and suggested travel date will be entered by us. You do not need to ask for it at this time.
  • Adobe EchoSign will send you an email to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, we will receive a copy of the contract for signature.

To make Partial Payments of the Final Payment on your puppy, please use the link at the bottom of the website. It says “Make a Payment”. You can manually enter your balance or the amount you wish to pay. Important: If your puppy stays with us longer than the usual 12 weeks, please make sure it is paid 48 hours prior to its 12th week birthday.

Biewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer Terrier

5/5 - (33 votes)

Click here to listen: Is there a Biewer Puppy shopping list?

We created an Amazon shopping list with the basic items that we recommend to have purchased before your puppy comes home to you. The shopping list includes items that your puppy has been using here at Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers. It will make the transition to your home much easier if you purchase the same items for your new puppy, at least for the first few weeks. The shopping list includes the Donut Cuddler Bed, which has been the #1 rated bed for our Biewer puppies. Many of our puppy parents purchased the bed on Amazon and posted adorable pictures of stories on the Puppy Group on Facebook.

The washable potty pads we use here at RMBT, are also on the list. The puppies are familiar with these pads since they were born in the whelping box. The puppies were trained by their mothers to use them. You can wash these pads in your washing machine. Very important are also the small grooming brushes, the face comb, and the nail trimmer. Your puppy needs a daily brushing so it doesn’t get knots and mats in its hair. There are different dog foods that you will need to prepare the perfect kibble mix for your pup as well as a puppy supplement, food plates, a pet carrier for travel and vet visits, and other important items.
The Amazon Button below will take you to the basic item list. You can review the shopping list and add the products to your cart on Amazon.


Biewer Puppy Shopping List

Biewer Puppy Shopping List

Amazon Puppy Shopping List

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Click here to listen: What does my Biewer Puppy eat?

The dry food:

There are 3 types of dry food that you should have on hand before your Biewer puppy comes home to you.

Life’s Abundance All Life Stages Kibbles.

Please order at least 1 x 8 lb. bag. This dog food cannot be ordered on Amazon or elsewhere. It will ship straight from the maker to your door to make sure it’s not sitting in somebody’s warehouse for months. Life’s Abundance has the best possible rating with As per our health guarantee, you should be feeding LA at least for the first year. Please check with us before you change the dry food for your puppy. Also please always check on to learn more about certain commercial dog foods.

The goal is to eventually wean off your puppy from baby kibbles and cooked meals. If you enjoy cooking for your pup you can of course continue to do so. I will write up another FAQ with yummy meal recipes. And since you are already on the LA website for the kibbles, you can also add a pack of these Bully Sticks.

Purina Pro Plan Toy Breed Puppy

Biewer Puppies are very small and sometimes it’s difficult for them to crack the kibbles with their little teeth. That’s why we mix the food above, with a 2nd food. Purina Pro Plan Toy Breed Puppy kibbles are very small and the puppies love them. It’s hs. 4.5 star rating with dog food advisor so still pretty good food to feed. Please make sure you mix this 5 lb. bag it the 8 lb. bag of the Life’s Abundance Kibbles.

Freeze-Dried Raw food from PRIMAL

The third food is Freeze-Dried Raw food from PRIMAL. It comes in chicken, beef, duck, rabbit, salmon, venison, turkey, pork, or lamb formula. It is important to rotate the proteins for your puppy. Primal Nuggets can be powdered in the kitchen blender and then mixed into the kibble mix. The powder will coat the kibbles and make them extra flavorful and yummy. Please order a couple of different formulas like beef and duck. Don’t order the chicken formula as the dry kibbles are already based on chicken meat.

NuVetPlus Immune System Builder (use code 23999 online)

All puppies have immune systems that take time to mature. The terms of our health guarantee will not be honored unless the puppies are given NuVet Plus immune system builder for at least the first year of the health guarantee. Nuvet Immune System Builder is a supplement that you can just add to the kibble mix. You can either add 1/2 cup of it to the kibble mix you prepped or you can add a teaspoon of it to the kibble bowl every time you refill it.

Dry Food Summary:

Mix 1/2 cup of the supplement and the three dry foods together (1x 8 lb. of LA, 1 x 5 lb. bag of Purina Toy Puppy, and 1 x 14 oz. bag of Primal Nuggets (run only the nuggets through the blender). Don’t add water to any of the foods! You will have close to 14 lb. of dry dog food for your puppy. You can store the mix in a small dog food storage container. All our dogs are free-fed with access to the kibble mix 24/7. Please have a bowl of this kibble mix available for your puppy to snack on at all times.

The cooked food:

1. If you don’t want to cook for your puppy and rather receive freshly cooked meals in the mail, please read here and get 50% off on your first order.

The Farmer’s Dog or also NomNom is real, fresh food, and all of the nutrition dogs need to be healthy, and none of the harsh processing, fillers, or preservatives of most commercial options. A fresh, complete, and balanced diet is one of the most important investments you can make in your dog’s long-term health. The Farmer’s Dog and also NomNom are gently cooked to maintain whole food integrity and natural nutrients. The meal plans are personalized to your dog’s specific needs based on a profile you create when signing up. The meals are delivered right to your door and arrive frozen to ensure safety and nutritional integrity upon arrival. Just store the packs in the freezer, and move packs to the fridge to defrost a day before serving. The food is pre-cooked and does not require any special preparation.
Please read here to learn more about the meal delivery service for your puppy.

Biewer food










2. If you enjoy home cooking for your pup, please read here:

Your puppy will need 2 cooked meals a day for at least the next 2-3 weeks. You can then start to offer only one meal and if you prefer to feed the dry food mix only, then you can wean your puppy off any cooked meals.

You can boil a 5 lb. bag of unseasoned, frozen, or fresh chicken breast and also brown 2 lb. very lean ground beef. Shred the chicken breast in the blender for just a few seconds so it is nicely shredded or mix it with the hand mixer. Make sure you don’t leave any big chunks of chicken breast. Hungry puppies can choke on chunky food! Mix the shredded chicken with the fried ground beef and fry everything up in a large frying pan. Add 5-6 eggs to it and fry everything together. Make sure the egg is completely cooked and not raw. Once this chicken-beef-egg mix has cooled off, you can bag up 1 cup size portions in little ziplock bags and put it in your freezer. This will last for weeks and you don’t have to cook every day.
Serve 1 cup of the cooked mix on a plate and give your puppy 10 minutes to eat and then put the leftovers back in the fridge.

Home-cooked Biewer Terrier Food

Home-cooked Biewer Terrier Food

Foreign customers will not be able to order the Life’s Abundance Kibbles. Please contact us to discuss alternative dry food options.

Click here to listen: What does my Biewer Puppy eat?

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Click here to listen: Do I get AKC papers?

There is a widely held belief that AKC or AKC papers” and the quality of a puppy are one and the same. The AKC is a dog registry. AKC does not breed or sell dogs, it will not guarantee the quality or health of dogs in its registry. Akc also does not require any health testing.
If you purchase an AKC Registration Certificate for a puppy sold on a pet contract (no show & breeding rights), you will receive a Limited AKC Registration Certificate. The certificate identifies the dog as the offspring of a known sire and dam born on a known date. It will have the name and birthdate of the puppy, the name of the breeder, and the names of the parents. The pedigree is a 3-generation family tree that provides registered names, registration numbers, and available coat colors for 14 immediate ancestors in your dog’s family tree. If you purchase AKC Registration for your puppy with us, we will register the puppy in your puppy with AKC, after you received your puppy. All puppies will have our Kenne name “Rocky Mountain’s” in front of their name. We also add the customer’s last name. Example: Rocky Mountain’s Ginger Hansen. The process can take up to 4 weeks, and for pedigrees sometimes longer.

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One of the questions we get asked the most is about the “estimated adult weight” of the puppy. Most of our dogs mature in the 6 lb range.
Biewer Terriers and other toy breeds grow faster than larger breeds and stop growing between 9 to 12 months of age. Most of their growth happens between birth and 11 weeks.  To best predict the puppy’s estimated adult weight, we take their 6-week weight, double it and then double it again. A puppy who weighs 1.5 pounds at 6 weeks will weigh approximately 6 pounds as an adult (1.5×2=3, 3×2=6).

estimated adult weight

Biewer Terrier Growth Chart

Please keep in mind that these are estimates and aren’t always accurate. You could end up with a bigger or smaller dog than you anticipated! We receive a lot of requests for so-called Teacup Biewer Terrier Puppies. Please know that the Biewer Terrier only comes in one standard size which can range anywhere from 4-8 lbs.  To indicate that a puppy’s estimated adult weight might be under 4 lbs.,  we call them “Mini” in some of our descriptions on the website. But there are no Toy Biewers or Mini Biewers, or Teacup Biewers as per the breed standard. The purchase price for certain puppies also indicates a dog puppy being on the small side as it takes much more effort to raise very small puppies.

To translate “What is the estimated adult weight?” to another language, please click here.

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Click here to listen: Is my puppy microchipped?

All our Biewer Puppies get microchipped when they are about 6-7 weeks old before the first pictures and videos are taken. You will find the chip number in the puppy contract and on the vet report and vaccination records.
If you purchased the Microchip Registration through our website, we will register your puppy with your contact information with AKC Reunite. Otherwise, please go to and register your puppy as soon as you received it. It is required as per the puppy contract to register the microchip.

Can you imagine how it feels if your furkid would get lost? The feeling when your heart sinks …. Where do you start looking? Who do you ask?
It happened several times over the last few years!
The little Biewer Puppy Girl that jumped off the passenger seat at the Target Parking Lot, was reunited with her family in less than 2 hours. They were still looking under all the cars on the parking lot, while her mom received a call from AKC on her cellphone. She was riding around the block with Animal Control. Her chip was registered with AKC.

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This health guarantee is conditional and only applies to dogs sold by Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers, LLC.

If within one year from the date of purchase of the dog, the dog is found and certified by two licensed veterinarians of buyer’s choosing, to have a life-threatening congenital or life-threatening hereditary condition, and if the seller is notified within seven business days of the first veterinarian’s determination, the seller will provide a replacement dog of equivalent value. Seller reserves the right to obtain a third opinion of the seller’s choosing to determine the life-threatening congenital or life-threatening hereditary condition. All veterinarian reports must contain the dog’s microchip number. The buyer must return the dog at the buyers’ cost. All travel expenses, shipping costs, courier fees, etc. to return the dog and to receive a replacement dog are the buyer’s sole responsibility if the buyer is unable to travel to the seller’s address.

If between the first and tenth anniversary of the date of purchase from Seller, the dog is found and certified by two licensed veterinarians of the buyer’s choosing, to have a life-threatening congenital or hereditary condition, and if the seller is notified within seven business days of the first veterinarian’s determination, the seller shall issue a credit in the amount of fifty percent (50%) of the purchase price of the dog towards the purchase of a replacement dog from Seller. The buyer does not have to return the original dog to the seller.

These terms and conditions only apply to dogs sold by Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers, LLC.
The buyer must fulfill these obligations, as explained herein, or this Health Guarantee will terminate and become null and void.
The buyer has three (3) business days from the date of taking possession of the dog, to have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian. The vet report must contain the dog’s microchip number and must be emailed to
The buyer agrees that once the buyer takes possession of the dog, the buyer is responsible for all costs associated with vet visits, spaying or neutering, undescended testicles, dental procedures, and surgeries.

(You will void the health guarantee for your dog if you do not have your dog examined within 3 days of taking possession! Please schedule the vet appointment in advance to make sure your vet will be able to examine the dog as stated above)

The buyer is not acting as an agent for any other person or business in the purchase of the dog.
The buyer shall not vaccinate the dog within the first ten days of receiving the dog.
This guarantee will not be honored unless they are given NuVet Plus immune system builder, and the Life Abundance Dog Food Products as directed by the seller, for the first year of this health guarantee.
Should the buyer at any point be unable or unwilling to keep the dog, he must notify the seller within to discuss a return or re-homing of the dog before the dog is being re-homed.
All veterinarian documents must identify the dog with its microchip number.
The dog is intended to be a companion dog; do not breed the dog under any circumstances. The dog must be spayed and neutered within 1 year of the sale. If credible written proof of spay/neuter is not given within one year of the sale, the seller is entitled to $10,000 for damage compensation.

This Health Guarantee shall terminate and become null and void if the Buyer fails to comply with any term in this agreement. This health guarantee shall also terminate and become null and void if the buyer fails to comply with any term in the Purchase Contract. The value of the dog is limited to the purchase price of the dog and does not include taxes or other fees. This health guarantee is non-transferable and is not valid for sales of any puppies delivered outside the United States and Canada.

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Once your puppy leaves our home it will usually have received 3 x 6-way (DAPPv + CV) vaccinations (at 6, 8, and 10 weeks) and 1 x Bordetella (Bronchicine CAE) intranasal vaccination (at 4 weeks). Your puppy will be properly dewormed and started on heart-worm prevention as well. We recommend getting 1 more 6-way shot at about 14 weeks of age and the by-law required rabies vaccine at 16 weeks.

Please do not expose your puppy to high traffic areas like gas stations, pet relief areas at the airports, or other possibly contaminated places. Most puppy vaccine manufacturers state that the puppy is not fully protected until all puppy vaccines have been administered.
You will receive a complete electronic vaccination & deworming record once you received your puppy.

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Click here to listen: How much grooming is involved?

Biewer Terriers can require a lot of grooming if kept in their full coat. If you enjoy grooming and working with hair care products, you might consider letting your puppy’s coat grow.

Biewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer Terrier

The “Puppy Cut” is the most polar way to groom your Biewer Terrier. The coat is kept moderately short which makes the maintenance a lot easier.

We put a detailed grooming guide for first-time Biewer Puppy parents together. 

Biewer Terriers have a lot of hair, and bathing and grooming can be a weekly procedure, depending on your lifestyle. If your pups sleep in bed with you, you might want to bathe them more frequently. Young puppies get extra messy, especially when they potty. So it is important to check your babe’s furry back-end every day before the end of the day. One of the most annoying things is having to bathe your pup late at night and change the sheets at 11:30 PM …

Biewer Terriers are hypoallergenic. They do not shed, and they do not have fur. Biewers have hair like you and me. The Biewer Terrier Grooming instructions below are meant for the normal Family Pet Biewer. I will be writing a separate guide for Show Pups and Adults.  

Let’s get started

Have the little face comb, shampoo, and conditioner ready at the kitchen sink, dog tub, or whatever you use to bathe your pup. Don’t forget to grab a towel. Please never leave your pup alone in the sink, running for a towel because you didn’t grab one.
If you bathe your dog in the kitchen sink, make sure nothing can accidentally turn on the disposal. It’s ideal to have a safe disposal cover in your kitchen sink. You can also put a washcloth in your sink, so it is less slippery for your pup.

Get your pup all wet and soaked. As long as you don’t get water into the nostrils, everything should be fine. Be firm and keep your pup safe in the sink. Whatever you allow this time, will be causing the same problems next time. Your pup is fine; it’s just warm water, so if you stay firm, the squirming will stop in a couple of minutes. Keep it in the sink, not on the counter, and not standing up on the edge of the sink. You must get over the squirming phase because you will be doing this a lot and teaching your pup to behave when getting bathed, will make your life much easier and your pup’s bath much safer.

Biewer Terrier Grooming can be a very relaxing and lovely hobby if you train your baby right from the start. As your pup grows older, it will love the attention while getting groomed and even fall asleep while you groom. 

Biewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer TerrierBiewer Terrier

Shampooing and Massaging

Once your pup has calmed down, you can start shampooing and massaging it with lots of love. Make this a nice thing. You can turn off the water for a bit and take your time and sud every inch of your pup. Rub the area near the eyes really well so the gunk and boogers will soften up. Your pup will start shaking because it’s cold without the warm water, but the massaging will help to relax. Take the little face comb and comb out the facial hair, make sure you get all the boogers, and rub and foam it up several times. You can turn on the water just for a few seconds to rinse the face and repeat the shampooing and massaging in the face again. You can also use a baby sponge to scrub the face and a toothbrush to get eye boogers brushed out.

Once the face is really clean, you do the exact same thing on your pup’s butt. Comb out any little crumbs and sud it up, rinse, and repeat.

Once the face and butt are clean, you can get some more warm water on your shaking baby and then start shampooing the four little paws, one by one, then the belly, and at the end the rest of the body. Rinse and then condition everything and rinse again. Rinse really, really well because any leftover soap or conditioner will make the hair look greasy. Wrap your dog into a towel, and rub the face and ears dry first, and then the body. If you have a crate, put the pup with the towel in the crate and point your blow dryer at a safe distance at the crate for about 5-10 minutes. Your pup will rub itself all over the towel and pre-dry. 

Blow Drying

There are many different types of grooming tables, starting at around $60. We use small ones at shows and hydraulic ones with adjustable heights at home. Depending on your space and budget, even a small, foldable camping table for $20 will work just fine.

Always keep one hand on your puppy. If you walk away from the grooming table, your baby can fall and get badly injured. You can also sit down and keep your puppy in your lap. You can point the blow dryer at your lap and start brushing your baby with the little wire brush under the warm air. Start with the butt, thighs, belly, inside legs, chest, top, and sides, in that order. In the end, you dry and brush the face. Blow drying the face is the hardest part as most puppies do not like the have air blown in their face. They will get used to it though. Be very careful that you do not brush in the eyes. You can also use your fingers instead of the brush.

Make sure your puppy is 100% dry and has no wet hair. Check behind the ears, under the chin and the legs to make sure everything is brushed and dried.

Trimming the Nails

Before you trim your baby’s paws, you should get the toenails trimmed. It is important that you trim those nails on a regular basis because the pink part (quick) will grow longer as the toenail grows longer. If you let it grow too long, you cannot just cut the long toenail off, because you will cut into the quick. The best way to trim the nails is right when you got your baby wrapped in the towel after the bath. Wrap it like a burrito and pull the little paw out and trim the nails, one paw after the next. Hold your pup tight in your armpit. You can turn on your stand or table dryer and hold the paw under the blowing air, so all the little hair gets blown away from the nail, and you can easily see where to cut. Here is another video for you.

Please know that your baby’s toenails should never get as long as in the video below. We let them grow this long so that you can see it better in the recording.

Click here to listen: How much grooming is involved?

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Click here to listen: What if my puppy won’t eat?

Our Biewer Puppies usually leave our home at 12 weeks when they weigh about 2-3 lb. That means your puppy is most likely as small as an average Guinea pig when it comes home to you. Here at Rock Mountain Biewer Terriers, the puppies live together in small puppy packs of usually 5-10 pups. When we feed the babies, everyone gets really excited and chases as fast as they can to the food bowls. The puppies love the competition and eat as much as they can fit before it’s gone. We always make sure that there will be leftovers at the end, so we know that even the littlest ones or the slowest ones were able to eat as much as they want.
The puppies always have access to their Life’s Abundance Kibbles and Freeze Dry Primal Nugget. The cooked food gets served twice a day around 7 AM and 7 PM.
Now your puppy is with you, no littermates around and everything is different. It is very common that the puppies aren’t eating well or refuse to eat at all at their new home, for the first few days. This is a very challenging time for you and your new baby so here is some advice from us to you.

Eating Biewer Puppies


Imagine your puppy’s blood sugar level like a battery, if your puppy eats and then takes a nap, the battery charges, if your puppy is awake, plays, or if your puppy is cold, the battery gets drained, and the blood sugar will eventually drop if not re-charged.
When the blood sugar level gets too low, your puppy will become sleepy, the gums will get paler and paler, the puppy won’t be interested in food, or toys because it feels weak. If you do not catch that problem in time, it will get worse. The puppy will get very lethargic, it is unable to get up, and it will get seizures. If your puppy goes to bed with low blood sugar, and you don’t do anything about it, it might not be alive the next morning.

When you get home with your new puppy:

  • Don’t hand your puppy around to friends and neighbors.
  • Don’t take your puppy to the store, or the vet on the same day. Go straight home!
  • Don’t overwhelm your puppy with all the toys and things you bought for him/her.
  • Don’t go to bed before your puppy ate something.

Yes, everyone is super excited and you probably waited a long time for your puppy to finally come home. You can combine the fun with the important care your puppy needs when you get home. Give your puppy 1 cc of the Nutri-Cal supplement upon arrival at the airport.

Make sure you have pre-cooked some of the suggested meals at home. Baked chicken thighs, sliced or chopped are one of the favorite meals for our Biewer Pups. You can add a little fried ground beef, cottage cheese, and scrambled egg on the side. Warm it up to room temperature and serve only tiny portions so you can tell if your puppy actually ate something or not. Put the plate and some water in a small private room like your bathroom, or guest bathroom. Also, put a cloth potty pad in that area and close the door. Your puppy will not be distracted by people, noise, or toys and the only interesting thing to see should be the food. Wait at least 20 minutes and then check if he/she ate. If not you have to hand feed your baby. You can also throw little pieces and make it like a game. Not all puppies react the same way so you might have to get creative to get your puppy to eat.
If nothing works at all and your puppy won’t eat a thing, take a jar of Baby Gerber “Chicken & Gravy” from your emergency kit and feed it to your puppy with an oral syringe.  When syringe feeding a puppy, you have to get a firm grip on your puppy’s head and insert the syringe from the side, not from the front. If you are using a 6 cc oral syringe, you feed the amount in the syringe in 3 little squeezes. Give your puppy time to swallow. 1/2 jar will be good for the night and hopefully, your puppy will eat better the next morning. You can give another 1cc of Nutri-Cal before everyone goes to bed.

Your puppy might not be interested in the kibble dry food for now. It is important to get him/her to eat, and home cooking your pup’s meals will assure weight gain. Take your pup’s weight on a kitchen scale 2-3 times a week. Your pup should be gaining weight, not losing weight.
It takes some patience and juggling to wean your puppy off the cooked meals and transition to kibbles.

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Click here to listen: What things does my puppy need?

HealthyPaws is the insurance that we find to be the best for our pups is also the nationwide best-rated Pet Insurance in 2018, 2019, and 2020.
It has a 15 day waiting period and I suggest that you sign up at least 15 days prior to your puppy’s travel date so you will have coverage once you receive your pup.
The average monthly cost is between $23 and $50, with up to 90% reimbursement and only a $100 deductible. Puppies can have accidents! They can break a leg, swallow things, or simply get sick. The Pet Insurance for your puppy is of course optional but we highly recommend it.
Please click here and select “Yorkshire Terrier” if you are interested:

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Click here to listen: Can my puppy swim in the pool?

Never leave your puppy unsupervised near a swimming pool. Fix all holes in doors, gates, and fences before you bring your puppy home. Get a life vest for your puppy and show him where the stairs are and how to get out of the pool. There are products like a Swimming Pool Alarm or Pool Escape that you can buy online.

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Biewer Terrier puppies are born with floppy ears that start standing up as they get older. During the first few months of their life, Biewer puppy ears have not yet developed the necessary cartilage and muscle strength to stand up on their own. We tape our puppy’s ears so ideally, they are standing nicely, by the time the puppies leave to their new homes.
Unshaved hair, travel or stress, teathing, dehydration, and other factors can cause your puppy’s ears to flop down. We recorded 2 videos for you to show you how to shave and tape them up if they flopped down.

Biewer Puppy Ear taping
We recommend using the Nexcare Flexible Clear Tape. You can order the tape on Amazon here. We also recommend the Bravura Mini Trimmer to shave the hair off the puppy ears before you tape them. Please remove the tape at least every 3 days and clean the ear with rubbing alcohol. If they flop down again, even after just a few hours, repeat the taping process for another 3 days.

It is very common that Biewer ears flop down again once the puppy is about 5-6 months old and going through a teething period. We recommend taping them during that time again. Strengthening the cartilage in your puppy’s ears through the use of dietary supplements can be helpful – but there’s no solid data on whether this will work. We found that chew toys and bully sticks support muscle training a lot!

There are several other methods that involve hair extension glue, “Breathe Right” strips, and other tapes. Please know that all of our Puppies have intact tails and dewclaws!


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Click here to listen: What foods are toxic to dogs?

  • Grapes, Raisins
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee, Tea, and Caffeine (watch your compost pile!)
  • Alcohol
  • Xylitol (artificial sweetener in gum, candy, toothpaste, and other sweets, even some types of peanut butter)
  • High salty foods
  • Gum and Candy (explain it to your kids)
  • Yeast Dough
  • Milk and Dairy (except low-fat cottage cheese & goat milk)
  • Nuts
  • Fatty foods
  • Citrus
  • Onion, Garlic, Chives
  • Avocados
  • Mushrooms
  • Cherries
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Click here to listen: What is Reverse Sneezing?

Reverse sneezing is a condition that affects all types of dogs, but more commonly smaller dogs such as little Terriers, and brachycephalic breeds. It is a “paroxysmal” respiratory response, meaning that it comes in spasm-like episodes just like “traditional’ sneezing. Biewer puppies might do it when they are excited, after waking up or after drinking water. Some do it a lot and some do it less. As they get older, they usually grow out of it and only don’t reverse sneeze very often at all. There is nothing you need to do or to worry about. If you really want to help stop it, just rub your pup’s throat gently or you can also try to cover the nostrils for a few seconds.

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